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Clerval and Elizabeth Essay

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It confirms our belief that he has become evil, but we also know the reasoning behind this,For no matter what he does he will always be shunned by mankind because of his appearance, and therefore why should he show them kindness if it is not reciprocated. The murder of William, 3 are all ruthless acts, they are also acts of vengeance towards Frankenstein. Some would however, argue that if Frankenstein had indeed made him a female partner then the torment would have ceased and Elizabeth’s life would have been spared.

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Frankenstein declares him a “monster” for these actions, but after all Frankenstein destroyed the creatures hopes for a female companion.

However, the murders of William and Clerval can also, in some ways, be justified as acts of retribution although they can be seen as vengeful and foul. This shows the creature’s monstrous side. He is also capable of evil wickedness in the way that he coldly and calculatingly frames Justine of a murder she did not commit Mary Shelly had many themes running throughout her story bases on what she felt and what was going on around her at the time. One of the main themes is radical reform. Mary Shelly once described the French Revolution by saying

“… the giant now awoke. The mind… received the spark which lit it into an inextinguishable flame… “. This could equally be her describing the creature. During “The French Revolution” never before were seen acts that were carried out by the common people, the poor were now daring to overthrow the rich. Mary Shelly witnessed the destruction of her Mother and Father’s reputation caused by their revolutionary fervour and managed to distance herself from it. Perhaps Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is an allegory of the French revolution.

The creature could be seen as a demonstration of the consequences of unleashing an uncontrollable force, Frankenstein could be seen as the initiators of the French Revolution who fail to control their followers. Frankenstein is very irresponsible of his creation and shuns it from the moment it comes to life, he also fails to keep the creature under control. The creature is then rejected, cursed and unloved by everyone, no matter what he does, he deals with his hurt and his anger by destroying everything he comes across and eventually he destroys his creator, Victor.

Victor’s lack of responsibility towards the monster has resulted in his own downfall. This is what happens to the people who lead the way in French Revolution. They too created a monster who grew out of control and eventually the leaders were executed. Frankenstein’s creature begs to be treated with kindness and respect, but he is spurned and rejected. His moral monstrosity of the terror is also a creation of the French Aristocracy. If the Aristrocracy had acknowledged and paid gratitude and respect to the common people, they would of reciprocated in kind and the need for a revolution would be unnecessary.

. Both the creature and his creator are warnings/demonstrations to the world: the powerful must esteem and respect the powerless, or revolution will ensue. Now I come to answer the question “does Shelly intend us to respond to the creature as a monster”. What Mary Shelly is saying is that monsters aren’t born they are made. This is evident in the way that the creature is treated. When he is first introduced to the world he is a kind, loving being, perhaps even an example of goodness.

But when in the face of people he is rejected, cursed upon and unloved, this in effect turns the creature into a monster. Mary is also saying that reform, when it is controlled and in the right hands is not a bas thing, but when we fail to control it will grow uncontrollable and become evil. By Joshua Gray Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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