Cleanliness: Recycling and Solid Waste Management

Due to rapid arbitration and uncontrolled growth rate of population, solid waste management has become acute in India. The current practices of the uncontrolled dumping of waste on the outskirts of countries have created a serious environmental and public health problem where as many issues. Plastic waste which is biggest problem in waste management is recycled in India in an “unrecognized” way. 60% of the plastic-waste collected and segregated gets recycled back into materials for further processing into consumer products, while the balance is left untilled.

The focus of the conference is to evaluate the present situation of Solid Waste

Management and Plastic Management in India based an approach to design a sustainable system to meet the future challenge is presented. Every one tells that recycling plastic is so easy but has any one thought that with a million of Kegs of plastic can be recycled to make Just some Kegs of Plastic. Also some of the best practices like Mall Abraham Campaign are also detailed.

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The efforts by a community-based organization to promote a sustainable integrated waste management in mega cities and lessons learnt from Sensor’s Zero Waste Management Scheme in South Indian cities has also been outlined.

But Just By the campaigns this is not possible, first of all we need to start from ourselves saying that charity begins in home. Instead of preaching we need to do It as action speaks more than words. It Is more In present generation because science has developed so much that It has become a boon and even a curse.

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When It becomes curse we need to take certain measures to fight against It. We need to create awareness so that all will put a hand in our thought and make It still more come alive. We need to stop all plastics and other polythene bags which pollute our environment. E need to take this Issue o the government so that they can take to place where we cannot reach. Cleanliness is next to godliness . Before going to temple we take bath and we cleanly to the temple so that It Is holy place where god resides Like that Itself our country Is referred to as mother India which means that our land Is a temple and we need to keep It clean and be ourselves clean. Like this even school Is referred to lord swarthy devil so we also need to keep useless clean and keep school Just Like holy place. An old proverb says, “Cleanliness Is next to godliness. This means that cleanliness comes ext to godliness In Importance.

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