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Cleanliness and Customer Satisfaction

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The customers cleanliness satisfaction depends on what is their age and educational background. Cleanliness is very essential in the view of customers, it’s the reason why they patronize one company, business or stores. Westerns and Asians have different perspectives regarding on their views in cleanliness, it is because both have different cultures, despite they still have comparisons in regard with matter. Businesses main priority is to make sure that they take their responsibility upon the issues on environment, employees, communities and customers as their concern in our society as well as in our economy.

Based on the study, each company or business have their own ways to perform the CSR, almost 50% of the companies do not consider it as their goal or even a factor of their business. Most of them are reporting their CSR as they give importance in our society.

This study shows that the students and employees are fully aware about the solid waste management disposal despite they were lack of consciousness regarding their practices in applying it.

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Lacking of initiative trait is one of the main problems why students and employees are still throwing their wastes anywhere, laziness is also a factor of it. The technical quality of a service referred to as functional clues in cleanliness had set standards, bonded with the mechanic clues that focuses on the sensory matters of it having the humane clues which rely on the behavior and physical appearance of the service providers are generating the value of security a customer need.

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The perception of a customer into a service significantly affects his/her own satisfaction which itself influences his/her behavioral intentions in return on what he/she received. The instrumental theories of Corporate Social Responsibility stand as the guidelines of some companies in planning and setting their strategies to achieve their economic objectives and to see the possible positive relationship of these to their financial performance for the sake of having a good reputation.

The Corporate Social Responsibility’s Concepts’ implementation in line with the customer needs, preferences, and expectations will set the increase of the economic efficiency for the business industry that has the corresponding improvement to the society’s life. The clean as you go under green campus policy in Universities is not given the right concern and focus, needing a campaign employing self-focused messages with guidance from the authorities to act fair environmentally. The Clean as You Go Campaign had contributed to motivating the respondents to sustain the locale’s cleanliness. It also exercised their social responsibility through voluntary disposing of waste properly. This also found out that the campaign is more effective if participated by many. This also awakened the awareness of the respondents to protect and preserve the environment. The Corporate Social Responsibility will continue to be a part of the business world. The CSR will be big and effective on businesses if its history is taken into consideration. On businesses, Corporate Social Responsibility will play a plausible role. It may help reach a business’s goal if implemented.

Corporate Social Responsibility will benefit businesses by increasing profits through sustainability. A business will be likely to reduce costs but will focus on efficiency. Not only this, but also through respect. Respect will also be gained by the business if CSR is practiced which will attract consumers. Cleanliness holds the safety of human health. Unclean environment leads to people catching diseases and weakening of the immune system. Dirt comes together with diseases. Cleanliness is important to dodge diseases. Thus, maintaining cleanliness of our surroundings, including houses, business establishments, etc. is important. Improper waste disposal leads to gathering of plastics on one place which we know and call “plastic pollution”. Plastic pollution has a negative impact on nature. This deliberately causes problems on living things such as plants, animals, and human beings. Though plastic is a commodity, it has its own downfall that affects living beings.

Social Responsibility can toughen the consumer appraise of the company products. Social responsibility is more likely affect their beliefs when the consumers lessen to estimate the product performance. social responsibility can enhance their performance by doing good in their activities. Corporate social responsibility and firm performance have a relationship to improving the reputation, and has an advantage to enhance the of the customer satisfaction. Clean as you go (Claygo) is a strategy to minimize the risk of hygiene, health and safety and improve the policy in houses, restaurant, hospitals and school.

The cleanliness in school is not managing it properly. Teachers can’t pay attention to the students to conserved the cleanliness in class. Students are not absorbing it to organize the cleanliness in school management. Cleanliness has a great impact to the business and customers satisfaction. Customers may affect the place where they want. Prioritize the cleanliness of the business and customers want. The paper imposes the solid waste management awareness attitude and practices of the employees and students of a catholic higher education Most if the college students know about or fully aware in the identification of biodegradable and non-biodegradable but only few of them are knowledgeable about the republic Act 9003,most of the students are good in practices in solid waste management in terms of segregation, reduce and reuse and they had fair practices on recycling and proper disposal.

In this review allow in house and commercial facility managers for you to better understand and distinguish it most of effective intervention and positively influencing actual or feel cleanliness. Business environment notably changed their way to survive in this dynamic business environment and make things follow various strategies among them being the integration of CSR into their business models.

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