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Cleanliness Essays

Cleanliness Essay Examples

Cleanliness is not a work which we should do forcefully. It is a good habit and healthy way of our healthy life. Cleanliness is a guarantee of health. This statement has come from a childhood in our lives so that we will not have to represent anything else. What is the beginning of the desire for purity?

Cleanliness means that there is no dirt, no dust, no stains, no bad smells. The goals of cleanliness are health, beauty, absence of offensive odor and to avoid the spreading of dirt and contaminants to oneself and others.

We need to clean ourselves and our homes and surroundings on a daily basis. It should not be imposed forcefully on ourselves but with a good heart. It makes us healthy in every aspect, i.e., mentally, physically and socially.

Hygiene is embedded in a wide and complex set of social values and sentiments. What we call hygiene is linked with concerns about privacy and intimacy, neatness, social prestige, convenience, respect and being civilized. Unhygienic, in contrast, refers to poverty, shame, disgust and invaded intimacy. Just like food, water, oxygen, shelter and other things are inevitable for our existence. Similarly, cleanliness is also important for healthy living. On the one hand, it is an important factor for human health and spiritual development; on the other hand, it is essential for environmental development.

Writing about cleanliness is an interesting and useful assignment for any student. If you need to investigate this topic by writing your argumentative essay examples, the following list of persuasive essay topics will help you to find the good one:

  1. The importance of hygiene and cleanliness in daily life.
  2. Сleanliness - a guarantee of health.
  3. Importance of cleanliness education.
  4. Why is cleanliness important in the workplace?
  5. Importance of classroom cleanliness.
  6. Cleanliness is next to profitability.
  7. Cleanliness should be an attitude.
  8. Ways to promote cleanliness in India?
  9. Importance of maintaining personal body hygiene.
  10. Concepts of hygiene and environmental health.
  11. The role of environmental health in public health.
  12. Prevalent ideas of cleanliness and health.
  13. The history of hygienic practices.
  14. The psychology of cleanliness and mental health.
  15. How can we maintain cleanliness?
  16. Should hygiene be a compulsory subject in schools?
  17. Fast food restaurants and problem of hygiene
  18. Personal, domestic and community hygiene.
  19. Cleaning standards.
  20. Awareness programs on cleanliness and sanitation.

Good personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves and others from many illnesses, such as gastroenteritis. The cleanliness leads to a healthy and happy life. Besides keeping safe our body from the various diseases, it also develops the positive vibes for the spirit. Everyone needs to develop the habit of regular cleaning. If you have any thought to express according to this theme, use these good essay topics in order to do it.

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