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How to Clean a Fish Tank

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When I was younger I loved going to the doctor’s office. It wasn’t because I loved being sick but because I would be on the edge of my seat ready to stare at the huge fish tank in the waiting room. I remember there were all types of fish and of all colors. Years later I now have a fish tank of my own that is a little smaller, and I have had to learn how to take care of it.

One of the hardest things to deal with is cleaning the fish tank. When cleaning the tank it is important to follow all the steps so that all the fish may live long healthy lives.

First of all have a clean bowl ready to put the fish in while cleaning the tank. Make sure that the water that is put into the bowl is of the right temperature and livable to the fish. At the same time, have all the supplies ready to use and make sure there is plenty of time (1-2 hours) to clean tank.

I remember one time that I didn’t have everything ready and I was running around the house looking for supplies and then I was late to church because it took me so much more time. Examples of supplies that will be needed would be cleaning solution, cloth, scrub, fish net, pump, bucket, and towels.

After bowl is ready and all supplies are ready the fish can be caught using the net and safely put into the bowl while you clean the tank.

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With the fish in a safe place the tank is ready to be emptied and cleaned. Take a pump (cup can be used also) and start to empty tank. One time I was doing this and forgot to put down towels on the floor and the bucket overflowed all over my room and so I had to spend the next hour cleaning up the water, so make sure to put down towels around work area.

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