Classrooms Essay Topics

Regular education classrooms

All students participate in regular education classrooms except students with the most severe disabilities who would be in normalized and age-appropriate classroom on the same campus. Few students are excluded. Level IV – Despite the degree of disability, all students are fully included in general education classrooms. Specialists and teaching assistants provide support for students… View Article

Culturally Inclusive Classrooms

How to build culturally inclusive and resilient ELEMENTARY classrooms and what types of supports are in communities that can facilitate student efforts to overcome cultural gaps in the home and in the school (elementary/secondary school level) A culturally inclusive classroom may consist of extremely diverse ethnic composition of students. With new immigration, more and more… View Article

Controversy in Classrooms

Parents have opposing goals for their children based on their diverse backgrounds, demographics, and beliefs. Each child attends school with a particular concluding goal in mind. Some students attend their public school with the plan to go to college, some will finish and claim their place in the family business, some join the military, and… View Article