Classroom observation Essay

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Classroom observation

I have been observing several elementary teachers during the past eight weeks. All instructors bring into the classroom their individual teaching styles. Within that style there are various and assorted behaviors and actions they performed in their instruction.

Most of the teachers observed presented the topic they were teaching. The instructors used teaching aids such as overhead and PowerPoint slides. It helped to keep students on track in the presentation of information. Teachers encouraged class participation in the subject to be taught by asking questions related to the topic. The students connected easily with the material when they could relate it to prior knowledge. Teachers were very organize and interested in communicate with their students. They periodically asked question and made sure students were understanding the concept presented. Students seem to be enjoying the instructional time with their teachers. They seem relaxed, attentive, on task, and actively participating in the subject. I could see that there were hardly any behavioral problems. When students were beginning to lose track of subject, there was one teacher that use humor to bring them back.

I run into one exemption when observing a 1st grade teacher. His classroom was not well organized. You could see stacks of papers on different tables. Wall signs were falling down, trash on the floor. Students were the same way. Their desks were full of trash. Their books and supplies under their desk were all over the place. The instructor asked the students to take their language art book out and wrote the page number where they were going to start reading. He had another student controlling the a CD player to star reading along with the CD. It was chotic in that classroom I believe that instructor was not prepare enough to teach this subject and he needs classroom management.

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