Classroom Observation Essay

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Classroom Observation

Kelby is a four year old child who has black hair and brown eyes. She is short in stature when compared to other children her age and appears to be of average weight. Kelby initially presents herself to be a confident child who has a solid grasp on the world around her, but upon closer observation I realized that she has several insecurities when it comes to how she relates to the world. After seeing Kelby being dropped off, I could tell that she’s used to being around her parents. Kelby is in the four year old class at Thompson Head Start Center in Fayette, MS.

One of the first things that I noted was that, Kelby has an extensive vocabulary that is far more advanced than the vocabularies of other children her age. When I spoke with her she commonly used multi syllable words to make her point or to get her needs met. The adults who came into contact with her in my presence commonly commented on her intelligence and her ability to speak like an adult but I noted through the observations that Kelby related to adults much more easily than she related to peers. On the first day, Kelby started the day playing in the kitchen area with two other girls about her age.

I noted that Kelby seemed to get along well with the girls as they prepared a pretend dinner and served it to their friends. Kelby was able to interact positively with her peers at this time. One of the girls became upset and started to cry and Kelby immediately reasoned with her to discover why she was upset and helped the girl problem solve until a solution was reached. Later the class went outside to play. Kelby was not as self assured on the playground as she had been in the classroom. Her motor skills appeared to be less developed than those of her peers.

While classmates played tag or climbed on the bars Kelby preferred to sit with the teacher and talk about what she was going to do that weekend. When her friends asked her to join them on the playground, Kelby looked proud and ran off to play but was soon back with the teacher. During lunch, Kelby quietly ate the food which she preferred. After completing lunch, it was time for Kelby’s nap time. Kelby slept almost two hours. Unlike the other children, Kelby woke up playing right away. She quickly ate her snack so she could go outside and play. Again, Kelby stuck close by her teacher until it was time for her departure.

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