Classroom Management Strategies Essay

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Classroom Management Strategies

Classroom management is an area that I have been struggling since day one. I have been able to gain more control of my classes since September but as many of my colleague have mentioned we have good days and bad days. One strategy that has work for me is to give out a great amount of praise to the students that are able to stay focused and that not feed into the disturbing student behavior. I have set up individual meetings with those student’s that I’m yet to turn around and make personal commitment with them. So far that has work with three of those students.

I still have two more that no matter what I do nothing seems to change their behavior in my class. One thing that started doing the second marking period was to have one student sit and the door and the other on the opposite side of the class room by themselves. This has works so far and hopeful that it will last for the rest of the school year. Another classroom management strategy that I have implemented is to get my Vice Principal involve in creating new school wide classroom rules.

All of our students have an Ipad that they use in most of their classes but there are times that the Ipads are not needed. In the past getting the students to turn off and put away their Ipad used to take half of the lesson. After speaking with several teachers in the building we came up with the following rules: Halsey Academy of finance required classroom rules Students have to place ipads on teacher’s desk and go to their assigned seat. Then they have to take out their notebook and pen or pencil start their Do Now, go over the Do now Questions, listen and be an active participant in the lesson.

Work on lesson activities, listen to assignment discussion, turn in homework and sign the exit slip before exiting the classroom. The principal has implemented after school and Saturday detention for those students that do not follow these rules. The rules were implemented the first week of December. So far they have work in some of the classes. There are still some students that refuse to follow the rules and when that happens, the teacher have to submit a written report to our vice principal and the student is call down for detention. I’m hoping that this strategy last the entire school year as well.

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