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Classroom Management Paper

I am in the process of creating my classroom management plan for my future classroom. Each day that I substitute teach, observe a classroom, or acquire new information from my classes, I learn something new that I may wish to incorporate into my classroom management plan. A well written management plan is a key to success in the classroom. The more I plan for my lessons and plan to run my class, the more of an effective learning climate I will have for my students.

This paper includes my personal philosophy of classroom management, rules for student behavior, a task analysis, substitute teacher plans, classroom implementation plan, letter to parents explaining my classroom management plan, and my strategies I plan to use to assess my classroom management plan. Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management The following is my personal philosophy of classroom management listed in bullet format. • My goal is to provide a productive, safe environment, which is conducive to learning.

My students will be welcomed and feel a sense of belonging to the class community. Every student is just as important as the next. • I plan to help my students become quality students and help them develop the characteristic traits of responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, and respectful. • I hope to spark enthusiasm for learning by creating engaging lessons, reaching all types of learners. To achieve this, I plan to differentiate instruction, use multiple modalities, and technology. I also plan to have students work independently, in collaborative groups, and in pairs.

• I hope to create a student-centered or constructivist style classroom where students are active participants in their learning, which allows students to make a deeper connection to curriculum. • To challenge my students, I plan to use effective questioning techniques, which will allow my students to use higher levels of thinking. • I will create a class climate where students can express themselves freely without judgment. • Create a cooperative classroom where the students and teacher work together. To do this, I will call my students” my teammates” and express to them the importance of teamwork.

• It is my hope to encourage students to do their best and that it is to make a mistake. • I will use positive reinforcement and positive praise when I see my students doing something good. • I will model respecting everyone and accepting differences. I will ask that my students do the same. • To create a sense of power among my students, I will have students participate in the creation of the classroom rules. When students create the rules, they have a tendency to adhere to the rules. In addition, I will have students perform weekly classroom jobs.

• I will be fair and consistent and I will establish guidelines for my students so they know what is to be of them in both learning and behavior. • To manage off-task behavior, I will use nonverbal and verbal cues, body language, and proximity. In some instances, I will move students to avoid further disruptions. Students who require extra assistance, will be strategically seated for easy access. • If a lesson or style of teaching works one-day and not the next, I will be flexible and change either my style of teaching or the lesson itself.

Student Behavior – Positive and Negative Consequences To minimize disruptions in the classroom, students need to know what is expected of them. I will not have rules listed in my classroom. Instead, my class will have the “quality student” and “quality teacher” posters displayed, listing what characteristics the students and teacher should display at all times. I will these characteristics often and engage in role playing activities at the beginning of the school year. Whenever I see that there is an issue regarding a characteristic trait, I will remind students model to be “quality students.

” For off-task behavior in the classroom, I have established a tiered system of responses that will range from various nonverbal and verbal cues, reminders, and possibly relocating student in the classroom. If behavior continues to disrupt the class for a total of three times, I will instruct the student to write a note home explaining the off-task behavior. If off-task behavior continues in the classroom, I will call the parent or ask to set up a meeting to discuss the student’s behavior and work with the parent toward a positive solution.

Kelly (n. d. ) states, “B. F. Skinner’s theory on “operant conditioning” says that rewards are much more effective when they do not occur regularly. In other words, intermittent rewards mean more and have a greater effect than routine rewards. Students who never know when a reward may happen will behave better than those who know that you never give out rewards on Tuesdays” (para. 3). To motivate students in achieving good behavior in the classroom, I will use verbal praise and reward students from time to time individually, by table, or by class.

Individual rewards will be given from to time when I see a student modeling quality behavior and other students are off-task in the classroom. I will give this student an extra 10 cents. By doing this, the other students will understand positive reinforcement. Throughout each week, I will also award table points. If I see a group of students at a table on-task, I will award their table a point. The table that earns the most points at the end of the week, will win and will be able to select from a few choices that include lunch in the classroom and extra computer time, to name a few.

If the class is doing a job on a lesson, I will have the marble helper add one marble to the celebration jar. Once the students reach their predetermined goal (discussed monthly at class meeting), students are allowed to participate in a celebration of their choosing. Task Analysis for Morning Routine To help students ease into their day, I have created a morning routine. With this morning routine, students know what to expect and do each morning entering the classroom. This routine will be displayed on the Promethean Board each morning as a reminder for my students.

|General area |Needed Procedure |Specific Procedures | |Whole Class |Morning Routine |Unpack backpacks and hang up coats and | | | |backpacks | | | |Turn in notes/homework to purple bin | | | |Make lunch choice | | | |Morning work (daily math worksheet to complete)| | | |Unfinished Work folder | | | |Independent Reading | During the morning routine, morning announcements are displayed on the class television and students perform their class jobs such as library helper, lunch counter, and office messengers. In addition, I will use this time to take attendance and perform other housekeeping duties as necessary.

Substitute Teacher Plans The following is a sample of my substitute teacher plans. The more detailed information the teacher leaves for the substitute, the better. This helps the substitute teacher run the class more smoothly in the teacher’s absence. Thank you for covering my class while I am out today. Here is some information on a few procedures or routines in our class. Helpful Teachers – Mrs. Fowler, room 6, Ms. Nuckles, room 4. Attendance: please use attendance sheet on my desk and mark any students who are missing.

Please note any absent students on attendance sheet on my desk and place in office envelope and have office helper take to office during morning announcements. Morning lunch count: This is a student’s job (see listing hanging from tv). The students mark their choices on the wall chart behind the tv, and the lunch count helper writes out the slip and takes it to the cafeteria in the lunch folder after announcements. Bathroom breaks: Students have “boys” and “girls” hall passes hanging on the wall by the door. When they need to go to the restroom, they put the pass on their desk and go.

Only two at a time are allowed out of the room. Class management/rules: If class is going a good job, I usually ask the marble helper to add a marble to the class jar. If the class receives a compliment in the hallway, they earn two marbles. If the class is off-task and several reminders are given, a marble may be taken away. For individual behavior: Banker gives each student 15 cents (fake money) at the start of each day. Students are to place their money in their money pocket at the back of the room during morning announcements. If a student is caught doing something good, you may reward him or her an extra 10 cents.

The money earned allows for students to make purchases at our classroom store at the end of each month. If a student is off-task, use nonverbal cues as first reminder, and verbal cues as second reminder. If the student continues behavior, please have him or her write an apology letter to you and leave on my desk. If the student continues to disrupt class, please call one if the listed teachers above and ask to send student over to her class to finish working on assignment. Please leave me a note if you have any issues with any of my students. Lunch: Line students up (line leader, caboose, home lunch, choice 1,2, and 3).

Please walk students down to cafeteria at 12:08. The students will go through the lunch line on their own. Most teachers eat in the Teacher’s Lounge, which is behind the office. The teacher restrooms are also by the teacher’s lounge. At 12:38, please pick them up from the cafeteria and walk them back to class. Students with Special Needs (Food allergies, medicine, asthma): |Student |Difficulty/Need | |Tom |Medicine- Goes to nurse after lunch to receive medicine | Specials: My calendar on my desk has specials listed according to the day. Day1- Music Day2-PE Day3- Computer Lab, Library Day4-PE Day5- Art Recess: 2:15-2:30

Activities should be supervised at all times. Teachers should have class backpacks, walkie talkie, and key (both located in office). Teachers should be positioned so that all students are visible at all times. Report any injuries to school nurse. The nurse will determine whether an Accident Report needs to be completed. If so complete form and send white copy to office and have student take yellow copy home. In Case of Emergency: Please locate red backpack and evacuation plan in the classroom. In case of emergency, have students line up quickly and quietly. Bringing backpack, follow evacuation route listed in the classroom.

Once outside, count students to make sure everyone is accounted for. Inform supervisor (person with walkie talkie and clipboard) of all students present in the class and state any parents’ names volunteering in the classroom. Remind students to be single, straight, and silent and to face away from the school building. Once given the all clear from the supervisor, lead students back to class in a single, straight, and silent line. The following diagram is our class seating chart. Please be sure that students sit in their correct seats. This seating plan should be helpful in familiarizing yourself with the students.

(Note: Please see Appendix A-seating chart). I have provided a list of helpful students, disruptive students, and special needs students. Helpful students: Mary, Tyrone, Amy, and Tom. Disruptive students: Dane and Alex (these students may need to have several reminders to stay on task. Students who require assistance: Daniel, Marco, and Aaron. Either you can help or ask one of my helpful students listed above to help these students. Computer username: cuttingjm Password: student123 8:45-9:15-Morning Routine (please log on to computer and put the following on the Promethean board). 1. Unpack backpacks and hang up coats and backpacks

2. Turn in notes to red bin/homework to purple bin 3. Make lunch choice 4. Morning work (daily math worksheet- today’s number to complete-on back table) 5. Unfinished Work folder 6. Independent Reading Please inform students of their jobs for the day. Jobs are on poster in front of room by the t. v. Please ask Mary to turn on t. v. for you when the bell rings. During the morning routine, morning announcements are displayed on the class television and students perform their class jobs such as library helper, lunch counter, and office messengers. During this time, please take attendance using attached attendance sheet.

Place any notes and attendance sheet in clear folder and have office messenger take folder to the office for you. Ask lunch helper to take lunch count and place any money and lunch count in lunch folder. The lunch helper will take folder to the cafeteria for you. 9:15-9:20- Ask Tom to give each student 15 cents. Each student will come and will put the money in his or her money pocket located on the back bulletin board. 9:20-9:30- calendar- Have students join you on the carpet (call them by table numbers). Ask questions about the calendar (what is the date, what weekday, year, what was the date a week ago, what will the date be in one week).

Have students give you math problems about the lunch graph. 9:30- 10:00- Have students begin centers. Please read off the names from the chart to let them know where they go. 10:00-10:45- Library- please stay with class and bring library cards with you (they are on my desk). 10:45-11:26- Students finish centers 11:26-11:56- Lunch. Have line leader and caboose line up first. Lunch from home will line up first, followed by choice 1, 2, and 3 . (during lunch, please check my mailbox in the office). 12:00-1:00- MATH- Review today’s number on overhead projector (Ask a helper to set up for you).

Pull a popsicle stick out of the cup on my desk and have the student complete one problem. Continue until today’s number is complete. Refer to Math Investigations book, lesson 2. 1 “guess my number on the 100 chart. ” Tell students they will use the 100s chart on page 16 in their math binder for this game. Review directions and model how to play game with a student. Have students pair up and give each a copy of the directions to play on their own. Once completed game twice, students can work on pages 13-15 in their textbook. 1:00-1:45- ART 1:45-2:10- Science- Students are to take out weather journals.

Overhead helper will pull out overhead projector. Laura is cloud helper, and Teresa is temperature helper. Cloud helper will go to window and look to see what kind of clouds are outside. They will come to overhead and draw clouds on calendar page and graphing page. Overhead helper will fill in date and will write down weather words that students agree on (ask students to give weather words from each table). Choose one person from each table to predict the hi/lo temperature of the day. The temperature helper will pull up the temperature for the day on the computer. The overhead helper will record the temperature on the overhead.

Students are to write this information on their calendar page and graphing page. 1:45- 2:00- RECESS 2:00- 2:45- Have students watch video on water cycle and have them complete science worksheet on back table. If the students finish early they can do scholastic news and work on their weather book report. 2:45-3:00- Please call one table at a time for students to get lap top. Students are to work on their social studies research project on the laptops. 3:00-3:15- Call tables one at a time and have students place laptops back in cart. Have students perform classroom jobs at this time. Call tables one at a time to pack and stack.

Read book (students’ can select) until bell rings. 3:15- Dismissal Please let me know of any issues with any students. If they do a good as a class, they can earn marbles in the jar. Thank you so much! Classroom Management Implementation Plan I will conduct a classroom meeting at the beginning of the year for the students, and we will discuss the character traits of a “quality student” and “quality teacher. ” Students will create poster of each and, the class will discuss and list what qualities students and teacher should have. Qualities will include responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, and respect.

After posters are created, students will be asked to sign the poster, stating that they understand the guidelines of the classroom. Posters will be displayed in the class as a reminder of what a “quality student and teacher” should look like. I will review procedures of various topics such as morning routine, lunch count, dismissal, lining up for lunch, etc. During the first few weeks of school, I will walk the students through each procedure, often modeling procedures. After the first month or the majority of the students get the hang of the procedure, procedures will be reviewed and reinforced as necessary.

In addition to communicating to the students, I will also share my classroom management plan and expectations in a letter addressed to the parents at the start of the school year. I will ask parents to discuss management plan and expectations with their child and ask that they he or she sign and return the document. In addition, I will provide my contact information and encourage the parents to contact me should they have any questions throughout the year and promote working together for the well-being of their child. Prior to the start of the school year, I will develop a seating chart based on the academic needs of my students.

I will place students’ desks in groups that will allow for a cooperative or collaboration learning environment, in which students will work in groups with varying learning abilities. By having students clustered in groups, higher academic students will work with those students who will require help. Using group seating, I will also be able to reach and work with my students more easily. For students who require instructional assistance, I will place those students close to my desk or in front of room. I will also work with my students in a small group or one-on-one setting.

To prevent misbehavior, I will strategically place ADHD students away from door, window to prevent distractions. To help motivate my students I will use positive reinforcement as previously mentioned. Students will have opportunities to be rewarded individually, by table, and as a class. To keep the students’ attention during my lessons, I am going to use as many hands-on methods and employ the effective questioning and popsicle stick strategy. To gain my students’ attention, I will use “1,2,3 eyes on me. ” The students’ response will be “1,2 eyes on you.

” I will also use various hand clapping signals and use online timers to keep students on track during transitions, learning centers, and assignments. Letter to Parents The following is a sample of a letter I plan to send out to my students’ parents during the first week of school. Dear families, As we are settling into a routine and becoming familiar with the class, I wanted to introduce myself to you and share some information with you about how I conduct my classes. My name is Jennifer Cutting, and I am your child’s teacher for the school year.

This is my first year in my own classroom however I have been in education for the past five years. I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Radford University and a master’s degree from University of Phoenix. Our classroom is built on the characteristic traits of respect, trustworthiness, caring, and responsibility. On the first day of school, our class created both a student teacher poster that lists the qualities of each trait. In our class, we are always striving to be a “quality student” and “quality teacher. ” We look forward to sharing these with you at Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

To encourage students to be reminded of being a quality student, I will recognize positive behavior by verbal praise, earn fake money to be used for purchases at the classroom store, and other modes of communication to you. For off-task behavior in the classroom, I have established a tiered system of responses that will range from various nonverbal and verbal cues, and reminders. If behavior continues in class, I will instruct your child to write a note home explaining the off-task behavior. If off-task behavior continues in the classroom, I will call you or ask to set up a meeting to discuss your child’s behavior and work

together toward a positive solution. Our class has discussed our classroom management plan and students understand the consequences. By working together, we can help your child have fun and succeed in second grade. Below, please sign this document, indicating that you and your child understand my classroom management plan. In addition, please indicate a daytime and nighttime phone number and e-mail address. If you should ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email, school phone, or schedule a conference. My email is [email protected]

com and the school’s phone number is (703)791 – 2099. I am happy to talk with the families of my students. Here’s to a wonderful year of learning in the second grade! Fondly- Mrs. Cutting I have read and understand Mrs. Cutting’s classroom management plan, and have discussed it with my child. Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________________Date_________ _____ Print Name________________________________________________________ Strategy for Assessing Classroom Management Plan I plan to use a variety of ways to assess my classroom management plan.

One way to assess my classroom management plan is to have another teacher observe my class and rate my classroom based on the following chart: (Note: Please see Appendix B- Classroom Assessment chart) Another strategy I would use is to make antidotal notes and keep a journal of what strategies or techniques seem to work or not work for my students. By reflecting, I can look back at my successes as well as reflect on areas that need to be improved. I need to be flexible. If a strategy does not work one day, I need to try something else.

My third strategy to help assess my classroom management plan is to participate in peer group discussions and compare what strategies or techniques in other classrooms. Listening to other teachers’ can generate a multitude of ideas for my own classroom. Conclusion As of today, this is my classroom management plan that I hope to implement in my classroom. However, I believe it will change to meet the needs of my students in the classroom. Although I will plan for my students, classroom, and instruction, I will need to learn to be flexible if something does not work.

I believe I will be able to prevent most misbehaviors from occurring and meet the goals of my classroom by implementing my classroom management plan. I will always strive to look for ways to improve my classroom management. It will always be a work in progress. References Kelly, M. ( n. d. ). Positive and Negative Reinforcement. Retrieved April 20, 2011from, http://www. netplaces. com/new-teacher/behavior-management/positive-and-negative-reinforcement. htm Teachers on Target (2008). Classroom Management. Retrieved April 20, 2011 from http://www. teachersontarget. com/Management. htm Appendix A [pic] (source: University of Phoenix.

(n. d. ). Classroom design Microsoft presentation. [PowerPoint slide]. Retrieved from https://portal. phoenix. edu/classroom/coursematerials/mte_520/20110315/ Appendix B |3 2 1 |1. I foster an “on-task” learning environment? | |3 2 1 |2. Students understand that when they enter my classroom they are | | |going to work | |3 2 1 |3. Students believe that my assignments are directed, productive, and| | |enjoyable | |3 2 1 |4. Students know that the tasks in my classroom are never presented | | |as punishment | |3 2 1 |5. Students believe that work done in my class has a definite purpose| | |and objective | |3 2 1 |6.

My classroom is a celebratory environment? | |3 2 1 |7. Students understand that they will be rewarded and praised for | | |their hard work. | |3 2 1 |8. Students believe that my approach to them and their learning is | | |positive. | |3 2 1 |9. My classroom is an engaged environment? | |3 2 1 |10. Students engage quickly in my assignments | |3 2 1 |11. Students know exactly what they are to do. | |3 2 1 |12. Students are clear why they are doing each assignment. | |3 2 1 |13. My classroom ethos is one of mutual respect. | |3 2 1 |14. Students know that they must respect one another. | |3 2 1 |15.

Students are willing to cooperate with me. | |3 2 1 |16. Students are willing to cooperate with their classmates. | |3 2 1 |17. Students listen carefully to me. | |3 2 1 |18. My classroom procedures are clear? | |3 2 1 |19. Students know what they must do to succeed. | |3 2 1 |20. Classroom rules are consistent and fairly enforced. | |3 2 1 |21. Students know how much time they have to do assignments and how they| | |will be assessed. | |3 2 1 |22. My classroom rules do not appear arbitrary. | |3 2 1 |23. My classroom is focused? | |3 2 1 |24. Assignments don’t “float” or appear “out of left field. ” | |3 2 1 |25.

There is a consistent routine to handing in assignments. | |3 2 1 |26. Work time in class is uninterrupted. | |3 2 1 |27. Students are expected to settle down quickly and work in class. | |3 2 1 |28. My classroom is a place where assignments are meaningful. | |3 2 1 |29. “Throw away” or filler assignments are never given. | |3 2 1 |30. Classroom work is not overly repetitive or redundant. | |3 2 1 |31. Students are clear about the objectives for each assignment. | |3 2 1 |32. There is a sense of humanness in my classroom. | |3 2 1 |33. Students are treated as human beings who have good and bad days. | |3 2 1 |34.

Rules rarely if ever override human concerns. | |3 2 1 |35. Students understand that my classroom operates from a set of values. | |3 2 1 |36. My classroom is a predictable place. | |3 2 1 |37. There are no negative or unexpected surprises. | |3 2 1 |38. What I say in the classroom actually happens. | |3 2 1 |39. Students stay on task in my classroom. | |3 2 1 |40. When an assignment is given, students do it. | |3 2 1 |41. I expect and require all students to stay on task. | |3 2 1 |42. I deal with disruptions in a timely manner. | |3 2 1 |43. Student who stay on task are rewarded. | (Source:http://www. teachersontarget. com/Management. htm)

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