Classroom Management Goals Essay

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Classroom Management Goals

To implement an effective teaching procedure, I have established a set of goals which can serve as my guide in teaching. My goals are the following:

  1. To establish an environment conducive for learning, interaction and development
  2. To encourage and motivate my students for continuous academic progress through academics and social activities.
  3. To uphold good behavior and attitude through respect, understanding, integrity and responsibility inside and outside of the classroom.

 Classroom is the most important place where the teacher and the students interact and learn from each other. Therefore, a systematic classroom procedure must be established to effectively impart learning in an efficient way (Bosch 2006). It is also very important the students are aware of these procedures before implementing it in the class. An agreement between the teacher and the students should be ensured so that any misunderstanding can be avoided (Walden University 2009). Through this, the teacher can easily control the class and motivate them to do whatever task they are assigned to do.

Desks and tales should be arranged properly in order to encourage students to participate in class not only through discussions but also through interaction with other classmates(Laslett and Smith 1984). Students, regardless of their nations will be asked to sit together based on a seat plan that I will established. This strategy will develop the students’ mental and social abilities. I believe that if the students are arranged side by side, they will be more motivated to work and seek learning even among themselves.  I will also implement monthly seat plan to make sure that all the students will be able to work with all their classmates for the entire academic year.

The use of facilities such as the computer and other references can be used upon my permission. As a always, the teacher’s desk is off limits to the students and the student will only be allowed to get something from the teacher’s desk given that he/she is permitted by the teacher. Drinking fountain, sink and pencil sharpener can be used even without permission. Lastly, all the facilities and learning materials should be kept clean and neat.

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