Classroom Management debate Essay

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Classroom Management debate

Set of procedures the teacher uses in order to ensure the smooth and motivational interaction among learners. It also involves the e? cient use of audiovisual aids and other forms of realia and equipment. Critical points to consider: •Teacher Talking Time •Student Taking time •The use of L1 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT https:// docs. google. com/open? id=0B5T z9DyyMdqCQjNZX0dkZkdvYmM Why is teacher talking time (TTT) important? ?Teacher talk = Organization of the classroom = Process of language acquisition.

?The quantity of TTT is important and so is the quality. A good balance should always be the target. Factors to be considered: Nunan (1995: 190) 1. The point in the lesson in which the talking occurs. 2. What prompts the teacher talk (planned or spontaneous) 3. The value of the talk as potentially useful for acquisition. Students Talking Time STT STT is the opportunity students have to talk in the classroom. Learners need to: •Attend to information •Volunteer original ideas •Ask relevant questions.

•Work with other learners •Solve problems co-operatively. •Work independently in class or at home. STT is enhanced by: •Promoting a ‘listening culture’ in the classrooms. •Asking more challenging questions. •Being ready to accept unexpected answers •Allowing silences and time for thought •Planning and building in meaningfultasks to encourage productive talk •Encouraging students to ask questions, to initiate talk and to seek for meanings CONCLUSIONS THE USE OF L1 IN CLASS. 1.

Facilitate teacher-student communication 2. Facilitate teacher-student rapport 3. Facilitate learning 4. Systematize comprehension of L2 structures Harbord, J. (1992) : ? The use of the mother tongue in the classroom in The ELT Journal, Vol. 46/4. IN CONCLUSION… •There must be a balance in the TTT and the STT if teachers really want to achieve their objectives in class. •The use of L1 should be done taking into consideration students’ needsand environment. Nevertheless, it must be used e? ciently. •I think that… ?


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