Classroom Management Essay

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Classroom Management

Classroom management and discipline are two very important building blocks in a successful classroom. Setting rules and expectations for students has many positive benefits. Not only will students feel more comfortable in a stable well managed classroom, they will also learn more because there will be less distractions. Students in a classroom that are well managed will also retain the information for longer periods of time rather than just for the moment to make a good grade. Teachers want more than anything for their students to learn life skills that they can carry on with them into the future.

Teachers want their classrooms to be a place that students look forward to attending to learn and feel safe and relaxed. In any classroom teachers want there to be mutual respect among teacher and students. In a classroom everything is to be organized and in its place, this will make it easy to move on from one subject or activity to the next without distractions. Colorful classrooms will make a fun and inviting environment for all kinds of students. Teachers should not want to have bland classrooms that bring the mood down with nothing fun or happy to look at.

A classroom where students run wild and do whatever they want will not work for teachers or students. Many time school is not taken as seriously as it should be especially in younger grade levels, these are the years that form the minds of children, and their experiences in the classroom will have an effect of how they form into young adults. Most believe that all students have the want to learn. Fourth grade is about the time that students start paying more attention to their peers and surroundings. All students want to feel that they belong and be in an environment that they feel comfortable in.

Therefore as a teachers it is their job to make sure that attention is paid to what the students are telling teachers even if they are not saying it out loud, and also to make sure that they are helped to learn not only what is written in the books, but also help them to learn about themselves. Section 2: Positive Climate A classroom is a place where teachers want students to love to be. First and most importantly all classrooms will have a set of rules and expectations that will be followed by teachers as well as students.

If teachers do not set a good example in their classrooms, rules set for students will not be successful. The desks should be lined up in perfect rows making it easy to navigate around them, and give the students plenty of personal space. All the colors of the rainbow in a classroom make it a happy bright place. There will be posters on the walls with fun facts for students to read, along with classroom rules and expectations. A section full of pillows for students to relax and read, along with a section for games and group activities are positive spaces to have in a classroom.

A great classroom will allow students to explore and learn on their own as well. As students are welcomed into the classroom, they will be met at the door with a happy smiling face and an excited positive attitude. The students will be allowed to find their desks, which will have their names on them, which will in that instance give them a sense of belonging. There will be games played on the first day to lighten the mood and help everyone get to know one another. Section 3: Rules, Consequences, and Procedures.

The rules that will be established in a classroom should not be large in number. They will be rules that will keep the classroom running smoothly and keep students happy and respecting the teacher as well as their peers. With a solid easy to understand set of rules a teacher should expect that there will be a positive outcome. Starting with the first day of class rules and consequences will be established with all students. This information will be posted on the wall so that students can always see the rules to be reminded of what is expected of them.

These rules and consequences are not to be used to make students afraid or uncomfortable, it’s so they will be shown and explained in a positive way, maybe even by playing a game to lighten the fact that there are rules that must be followed at all times. Rules: 1. Show respect to yourself as well as others 2. Keep hands and feet to yourself 3. Pay attention and follow directions 4. Raise your hand before speaking in class and use your indoor voice 5. Be prepared to learn Consequences There is a consequence to students’ actions whether it be a positive or negative one.

Every week there will be a new chart made by the students with their names and five spaces for each day of the week, by allowing the students to make the charts themselves it gives them a way to express themselves and individuals. During the week their behaviors will be monitored and they will receive red dots for good and blue dots for bad behavior, at the end of the week the person with the most red dots will get a special treat. All the other students who have red dots will have a down time to read or play games.

Students with blue dots will have to sit at their desks and go over the lesson or read silently, and not chat with their peers. If behavior is bad throughout the week and is becoming a habit the student will be taken aside and talked to. Not in a negative way but in a way to try and figure out what the teacher and student can do as a team to make the situation better. Make sure to ask the student if they may have a solution for the problem at hand. Procedures: 1. Restroom – ask, take bathroom pass, wash hands before returning to class. 2.

Asking questions – raise hand and wait to be called upon 3. Turning in work – when work is complete quietly walk to the front of the room and put assignment in correct bin. 4. Needing help – place the red dice on the top of your desk and teacher will come to help with questions. 5. Changing activities – replace all materials being used, move back to desk and get materials ready for next assignment. Section 4: Specific Discipline Procedures or Measures Preventing bad behavior in the classroom may seem impossible, but in all honesty it may be attainable.

If teachers keep a well managed classroom and their behaviors shadow the expectations that are given to the students, good behavior will be the outcome. By having all rules and expectations in an area where all students can see them, they will be reminded of them and be more likely to follow them. By having consequences for good and bad behavior this will help students to practice good behavior because they will already know the outcome of their actions. All desks will be facing the teachers desk so that they can see the teacher at all times.

Keeping them in straight rows will also help students in keeping their hands and feet to themselves because they will all have adequate room. The white board where assignments are written, and the board with their behavior charts will be at the front of the class as well so they may see them at all times also. To help students who misbehave the teacher should take the time out to speak to the student in a one on one setting, giving the student the chance to explain themselves, and maybe express why they are behaving the way they are, and what steps they think they may need to take to fix the problem at hand.

Teachers should not act as if they know what the problem is and how it should be fixed without giving the student a chance to speak as well. Good behaviors should be acknowledged as well, do not only focus on the bad. After speaking with the student take steps to help with behavior by asking the student how they are doing and if there is anything more you can do to help. If behavior continues to be bad, maybe taking a step for after school one on one time should be used to further access the problem.

If a student violates school board policy, state regulations, or criminal laws steps outside of classroom discipline will have to be put into motion. If a student ever breaks any of these rules, school officials as well as the students parents will be called and actions will then be taken to fix the situations. Section 5: Approach to Discipline Personally I prefer Ginotts’ approach to discipline. I like the fact that he thinks the student should have the chance to express their opinion in the situation.

By the teacher showing respect for the student and their thoughts I think this would be a very good approach because you gain the respect and trust from the student by showing them the same. There are times that I know that I am correct in a given situation, but I do not like to act as if I know everything; I like to give the other person a chance to make their case and explain why they feel the way they do. As I person I do not like to make people feel foolish so I respect every opinion and give mine in a nice respectful way. That is why I think that Ginott’s style fits my personality.

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