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Text books should be replaced by the I-Pads

...Nelson, Kristen J. Teaching in the Digital Age. 1st ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 2008. Print. Pflaum, William D. The Technology Fix: The Promise and Reality of Computers in Our Schools. Alexandria: Elementary Education, There’s an APP for That by Lauren Kenney — 75 Stake, Robert E. Qualitative Research. New York: The Guilford Press, 2010. Print. Tomei, Lawrence A. Teaching Digitally: A Guide for Integrating Technology into the Classroom. 1st ed. Nor­wood, MA: Christopher-Gordon Publ...

Online education vs. traditional classroom

...A comparison of traditional- and online class the financial aspect stays the same, students of either class attends are eligible for financial aid and scholarships. As a student, investing his or her money wisely is very important; investing into an education is like investing into him or herself. College will be an amazing experience for an individual; it will open new doors and will provide the person with a sense of accomplishment. What type of class to attend, to ensure the academic success,...

Classroom Analysis

...It can found there the leader that serves as the teacher and the people serves as the students. All they do are similar with what can we see in the society. The teacher led the students to know about a certain thing that builds them to become a better individual; the same within a society a president, mayor, or a Brgy. Chairman leads its people to build a harmonious relationship among others. The Discussion and interaction among the learners and the teachers in promoting knowledge; unity, cooper...

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My Ideal Class


Farewell Speech

...I will miss walking into this class room, every single day, working with my fellow classmates, making last minute speeches, playing fun imprave games with my fellow schoolmates. Most of all, I will miss the very heart of my experience as a student; my friends and my teachers. Even though my teachers aren’t all here I’d still like to thank every single Clements faculty member for all that you have taught us. Not only lessons for schoolwork but beyond the four walls of a classroom. Thank you, ...

Effective Classroom Discipline

...115. 308. Chemlynski, Carol. Discipline as Teaching. Education Digest. 3. 62. 42. Geiger, Brenda. Discipline in K through 8th Grade Classrooms. Education Digest. 2. 121. 383. Curwin, Richard L. `Discipline with dignity: Beyond obedience. Education Digest. 4. 63. 11. Metzger, Margaret. Learning to Discipline. Phi Delta Kappan. 1. 84. 170. McDaniel, Thomas R. A Back-to-Basics Approach to Classroom Discipline. Cleaning House. 5. 67. 254 Brainard, Edward. Classroom Management: Seventy-Three Suggesti...

Sexism in Classroom

...They also need to be introduced to the same resources, like girls can play with trucks and building blocks and guys can play with dolls and kitchen sets. This article "Failing at Fairness" has brought to my attention issues that I will soon be facing. I plan to teach high school math and I have already been placed in a class to practice and get a feel for it. The article has given me a more educated view of the classroom, which will help me to be fairer and not fall into the same traps as many t...

Classroom Management

...Kounin does not address his procedures for disciplining, if he would or would not discipline children differently, nor does he address misbehaving as a response to some factor that is outside of the teacher’s control. As a teacher, I would incorporate Kounin’s theory in my teaching planning and practices, though remembering that each student may require different accommodations. References Charles, C. M. (1989) Building Classroom discipline: from models to practice. New York City, New York: ...

Flipped Classroom

...They can easily join in at the time allowed for the postings. Remember, it is not a 45 minute class to them at home. They have time to catch up on discussions and also give their feedback without missing the assignment. Remember in the students’ frame of mind, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND! Finally, Dates and postings are always there for clarity. The content is permanent and archived for review or remediation. Remember you eliminate the need for “What did you say? ” or “I don’t remember that y...

Smartphones in the Classroom?

...In Conclusion the BYOT plan should be initiated in all school districts because it broadens students learning and modernizes the classroom without the school spending a single penny. Their fore its economically and will improve classroom functionality. Also the BYOT plan takes out the need for textbooks, notebooks, agendas so if the students have a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. he/she will always be prepared for class. Again the BYOT plan seems like the best choice for all classrooms and shou...

Laptops in the Classroom

...In addition, one should also consider that the traditional method of taking notes by hand and later transferring those notes to a laptop also gives the student the opportunity to go over that information once again. This process helps students commit the information into long term memory. In conclusion, I believe that the negative aspect of using personal laptops in the classroom environment far outweighs the positive reasons to have them, and thus laptops should not be allowed in the classroom ...

Ideal Classroom

...This will help the teacher because they won’t have to worry about students wanting to get into fights with one another. Since their would be smaller classrooms teachers will be more laid back and they might not assign as much homework. This is also an advantage for the teacher because they won’t have to grade as much work every single night and they’ll be in better moods. This is good for us because the teacher will have more patience and give us extra time for work or will not write us up...

Digital Classroom

...I really like digital classroom. There are lots of advantages. In my opinion IWB is incredible . It looks like game and everybody like to play game. All word use to internet and computer because of this people can be to more interested with lesson. Some times we can want to speak with our friends and we can use to Synchron Eyes. I’m feeling comfortable to digital classroom. Pegasus is helpful for me. I can do some mistakes when I write by handed and after that maybe I can’t see my mistakes. ...

Laptops in the Classroom

...Although, some teachers think that banning laptops will help the classroom’s atmosphere, it might do the opposite. Laptops are being perceived as distractions in the classrooms, when they have actually become helpful to some students. Choy has provided information to show both sides of the arguments. She did an excellent job on not taking one side. Choy thought that many professors should ask a hard question: If students in my courses are using laptops for purposes unrelated to the course, wha...

The Virtual Classroom

...Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010, Measures of Australia’s Progress, viewed 3 April 2012, http://www. abs. gov. au/ausstats/abs@. nsf/Lookup/by%20subject/1370. 0 (Blakey, E. , & Spence, S. , (1990), Developing metacognition. ERIC Digest. ERIC Clearinghouse on Information Resources Syracuse NY, Retrieved from http://www. ericdigests. org/pre-9218/developing. htm (MIT, 2009; National Academies Press 2011). (Department of Education Journal in 2009). (Journal of Networking and Virtual Organ...

Classroom Problems


Classroom Observation

...This irritated me because it wasn’t fair to the students. I assume the classrooms were designed this way to save water, because of fewer bathrooms, but it is not a very constructive learning environment. A wife, mother and distinguished grade school teacher, Mrs. Cash has been an ideal observation candidate. Her approach to education is a successful one. Taken away is an informed standpoint about teaching young students in general that assists greatly to the morale of a perspective teaching pr...

Classroom Shortage


Classroom Incidents

...Had the students reported Brown’s behavior in advance, the incident could have been avoided. According to Dixie (2003), counseling is always applicable as a good method to discard bad morals. Brown could have been assisted through counseling. References Dixie, G. (2003). Managing your classroom. London [u. a. ]: Continuum. Levin, J. , & Nolan, J. F. (2010). Principles of classroom management: A professional decision-making model. Boston: Pearson. Walters, J. , & Frei, S. (2007). Managi...

Report on Classroom Observation

...And basing on it the teacher can keep a record by grading them about their class work copies. • He could do something at the beginning of the lesson to motivate the students. • If he could check the class work copies of all the students it would help the students to do his class works more sincerely. Conclusion This class observation helped me a lot to improve myself in teaching and learning. In this sense I will ever greatful to the administration of Azimpur School and College for giving me...

My Ideal Classroom

...This write up of my ideal classroom is obviously not perfect; however, I feel that it is an adequate sketch of how I would visualize my own classroom. I think being in the actual environment, and getting to know your students, along with learning from experience on what works and what doesn’t is what will help me set up my classroom. Daily Routine 8:30-9:00-Morning Meeting/Opening Circle 9:00-10:30-Reading/Language Lessons 10:30-11:00-Reading 11:00-12:00-Math Lessons 12:00-1:00-Lunch 1:00-1:30...

Music Observation Classroom

...You impact the children’s lives and help shape who they grow up to be. I also learned that the crazier the lesson is the more fun they will have. Don’t stick to basic and boring and don’t be afraid to try something different. So, I went in looking to just compare and contrast music vs. a regular kindergarten day and I ended up completely doing something different. I saw how music is really important for all kids. They need it in their life for many reasons. I observed how the teacher inter...

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

...I do feel I have more to learn about enacting a true inquiry-based classroom, however. And I know that there are going to be times and lessons where I believe students should be actively involved in inquiry-based projects and if so, I would be very proud of them for their efforts. However, I would like to increase the times that this occurs and make my classroom into a place where students know they are going to question, explore and learn, and not just another stop on their school day schedule....

The Positive Effects of a Flipped Classroom on Student Learning

...Through the use of a flipped classroom, students will gain more control over the information they are learning, they will learn to work in collaborative groups, and they will have their academic content readily available to them. Gehly 5 Works Cited Acedo, Mike. "10 Pros And Cons Of A Flipped Classroom. " TeachThought. N. p. , 27 Nov 2013. Web. 10 Apr 2014. <http://www. teachthought. com/trends/10-pros-cons-flipped- classroom/>. Gobry, Pascal-Emmanuel. "What Is The Flipped Classroom Model...

Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In College Classrooms?

...College classroom is a place where provide education for students, but cell phones don’t relate to education. If students need to make an emergency call home, there is a phone in the college’s office. In addition, they can turn on the cell phone out of the classroom after the class. If cell phones should be allowed in the college classrooms, students wouldn’t attend in studies, and it would allow for the cheating test and for other the social problems. Therefore, cell phone allowed in the ...

Speech: Classroom and Beloved Principal Sir/madam

...I still remember our small mischief in the class room, teasing each other, laughing out loud on a silly joke, reading a novel in maths class, eating other's lunch boxes before break, fighting on petty issues, competitions on stages, crying over each other's shoulders, and lot more which is hidden in deep in my heart and of everyone's around here. These memories are just too valuable. These walls of our classroom have known so many great moments of our friendship and fight; these walls are like o...

Seating Structure Design

...2003. Nasen. Appendices Treatment A – Traditional Style [pic] Content: The professor will have her lecture with this kind of setting with the first group. How many students recited willing to recite will be recorded by the observer/researcher. Running Time: 1 hour- 1 and 30 minutes Treatment B – U-Style [pic] Content: The same teacher will have his/her same lecture topic with this kind of setting with the second group. He/she will just choose one from these styles. How many students recited ...

Promote Children and Young People's Positve Behaviour

...Overall It is important to remember that positive behaviour really needs to be rewarded by the staff at school as it can improve self-esteem of the child/children in question and is very likely to mean that they keep up their good behaviour in the future, it is also important to remember that if behaviour isn’t good then the correct sanctions must be brought in so it’s fair on all pupils that they are all following the same rules but also so those who are misbehaving are able to learn from a...

Ram Shankar Nikumbh

...Being in the shoe of Ishaan Awasthi’s teacher is a hard task to be done. As would be teacher, you will find and apply some strategies and methods just for Ishaan to learn and be inspired going to school with his classmates. You will not just dismiss a pupil who is slow in the class but look for underlying cause and work for it. We all knew that every pupil has individual differences and needs. We find ways just to satisfy their needs. You’re not a real teacher if you can’t make impossible ...

Classroom Management Observation

...When the children go on a field trip and have to unload the bus it is appropriate for the students to follow all the routines so that the teacher and parent helpers can make sure all students are accounted for and no one is lost. When the children have recess and go to the gym it is appropriate that all students remain quietly and walk in a straight line so hallway traffic is controlled. The children should also remain quiet so they do not disturb other classrooms. Finally, in the event of a fir...

Nine Learning Experiences Ages 3-5

...For example, in our art center the children are exposed to many different types of materials. They have various types of paper and paints as well as recycled material that they can use to sculpt their own art. Our class is also exposed to music of many different cultures. We play music throughout the day and one day a week we have a music class outside of our classroom. As a preschool teacher I keep up with what is new and promote these findings during our learning experiences. I provide many av...

The Characteristics of a Good Teacher

...I want a teacher who will treat me as a person, on an equal basis with all the members of the class, regardless of sex, race... As teachers, you must look carefully at our classes to be certain that you are including everyone equally. The essence of teaching is very difficult to qualify but this one line leads me directly to my most essential criterion of a good teacher. It says: “That which is essential cannot be seen with the eyes. Only with the heart can one know it rightly”. Those charac...

Multicultural Classroom

...Creating a healthy multicultural class room is not just the work of the class teacher only. It needs active participation of every teaching and non teaching staff member of the institution. The support and leadership of the authorities who run the institution and the participation of all the departments are the foundation on which the edifice of a multicultural class room can be built. Of course, the process is bound to have certain occasional failures and setbacks but the process should be an o...

Normalization in Montessori

...Bearing in mind the sensitive period for Order. He carried out his work, according to the presentation already shown to him previously by his teacher. I noticed how he kept on repeating the exercise, by pouring the water from one jug to another using his manipulative skills. Dr. Montessori’s observation about the girl that kept repeating the exercise “Forty-Two times”, flashed to my mind instantly. I notice how the child look content with what he was doing. This leads to repetition of the ...

DATA ANALYSIS PRESENTATION AND INTERPRETATIONIntroductionThe objective of this chapter is to report

...DATA ANALYSIS, PRESENTATION AND INTERPRETATIONIntroductionThe objective of this chapter is to report the results of the data collected during the study. The chapter describes the outcomes of the questionnaires that were used to conduct the study. It shows the response rate, demographic information of respondents and findings on the influence of classroom management on the academic performance of students in public secondary schools in Sialkot District.Table 1 shows the findings of the research. ...

Effective discipline is a challenge for all educators The issue of discipline

...Effective discipline is a challenge for all educators. The issue of discipline, also referred to as classroom management, continues to surface as one of the most challenging problems in education today (The Discipline Dilemma: Problems and Promises. ). Research suggests in order to maintain a well-disciplined classroom, teachers must establish rules and expectations, enforce limits of rules, encourage and reinforce positive behavior, and effectively manage their classrooms. Effective discipline ...

Automated Time Table Generator

...It is complicated task that to handle many Faculty's and allocating subjects for them at a time physically. So our proposed system will help to overcome this disadvantage. Thus we can produce timetable for any number of courses and multiple semesters. Separate timetable for the individual class, faculty and labs are generated automatically by this system. Various slot combinations can be acquired so that another timetable is generated as of need. The project reduces time consumption and the pain...

Different strategies in education

...One way to introduce a structure through scenography would be to change the atmosphere through lighting or soundscapes, by using different colours and noises students would be able to easily recognise the style of learning they would be entering and can adjust themselves accordingly. an example would be the contrast of blue and red, rather than just simplifying blue to a ‘calm individual focused lesson’ and red as a ‘warning’, blue is shown to increase students ability whilst performing ...

Modern Education Technology

...On the other hand, using current CALL technology, even with its current limitations, for the development of speaking abilities has gained much attention. There has been some success in using CALL, in particular computer-mediated communication, to help speaking skills closely linked to 'communicative competence' (ability to engage in meaningful conversation in the target language) and provide controlled interactive speaking practice outside the classroom. Using chat has been shown to help student...

Techniques of Classroom Management


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