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Classification of students Essay

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Students can usually be qualified into three types, namely good students, normal students and bad or lazy students. A good student is not only the one who scores very good marks or ‘A’ in every test. There are students who try to get ‘A’ on any cost whereas some students work quite hard and put their head and heart but get only a ‘B’. So getting very good marks or grade is not the criteria to be a good student. The first quality that should be in a good student is self-discipline.

This means that the student first thinks about his action and words and then acts upon to make right choice.

In simple words good students give priority to their studies and will finish their work before they go to play. Then the next thing that is found in them is respect for others whether younger to them or older. They would never destroy or snatch someone else’s work or things.

They will not give up if they are going through any hard topic and will work hard. Good students are always ready to help others, are honest, responsible and dependable too. Normal students can get good marks sometimes but usually they get average marks. They don’t take it quite seriously and never plan to work according to priorities.

Generally hen there is going to be an exam or class test, they will work hard and try to get good marks. But since they have not paid adequate attention in class they miss out some important tips for exam. Also they don’t have sufficient time to get thorough with their lessons. According to studies, normal students are fortunately able to read, write and work hard equally like the good students but the main thing lacking in them is self- discipline. They are not consistent with their studies and classes and are not ready to work hard. Sometimes it is the lack of fund and material that pulls back a student and he ecomes an average one.

If this is the case then it becomes the duty of teachers or fellow students that they come forward and give a helping hand to him. Bad or lazy students come in the third category and they most of the time secure very poor marks or grade in exams. The main characteristic of bad students is that they are lazy and ill mannered. If anyone points out their drawbacks or call them lazy they will never accept that. Bad students make little surrenders in their daily schedule like getting up a little late or start their study hours a little late and leave studies as early as they can.

For them every day is equal and if any work is not done today it can be comfortably done the other day. They take very long time to complete even small works and they are very big daydreamers. Lazy or bad students have lots of fears in mind and most of them are created by them. When there is time to get to work they are not attentive and afterwards start panicking at an eleventh hour. It is not that bad students don’t realize their deficiency, but only after the time has passed out. If left on their own, they will again do the same things after some time.

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