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Horror, comedy, and romance are all known to be different movie genres audiences love to watch. Because there are many different types of movies created to appeal to viewers from ages two to seventy everyone has a contrasting liking. Most people are going to pick whatever genre that best relates to who they are. The three movie categories horror, comedy, and romance create an appeal for audiences of all ages.

Horror taps into the fear factor of everyone in the audience.

It creates an emotional roller coaster of suspense and intensity. Horror movies play on the viewer’s imagination by either creating a fantasy or a true story using emotion to either scare or haunt the audience. People who tend to enjoy watching horror films are described as people who like to “live on the edge”. They seem to gravitate towards activities that get your adrenaline pumping or creates an unexplainable thrill. To these viewers watching ID channel or some crazy movie or documentary on lifetime, is normal it gives them a scare and thrives upon their fears and imagination.

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So now their minds have become so fondly of being picked at that they only receive a thrill from watching people kill someone because of their terrible childhood or some normal person that had a crazy secret life. Horror films are known to send viewers home wondering if the same thing could happen to them playing on a little of the fear and imagination that people have.

Comedy tends to people who enjoy laughing at unexplainable things or just plain funny people.

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These people are best described as outgoing and bubbly they live to make new friends and memories. They seem to be the jokesters who are always laughing even when you do not want them to or at the most bizarre time. A few of these people would be described as annoying you don’t really mind having them around, but you prefer not to. Comedy is known to change anyone’s mood whether their sad, worried, or. Most people choose comedy when they just want to laugh or feel good.

Romance films involve a great love story that everybody in the audience wants to be a part of. These movies are the best for a date night with a significant other. The passion and fantasy create for the best love story with sadness, anger, and happiness all wrapped into one. These movies create a good false advertisement or false hope for how dating and having children is supposed to go. They set unrealistic expectations for people who are “hopeless romantics” making them think every story will have a happy ending. Directors give viewers comedy romance when they feel that viewers want a good laugh but also a tug at the heart. These create the perfect date movie you have plenty of romance for women and a good laugh for the men.

These movies are created for viewers of all ages from children to men and women. Every movie has a special storyline made to appeal to its own particular audience.

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