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Classification essay Essay

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Classification essay

Air sport is an activity involving physical effort and talent on air. Sports are important because they are a great way to live a healthier and longer life. Air sports provide people of all ages, good health and a good functioning of the body. Air recreational activities are popular sports in which sometimes require skill, agility, and concentration when playing. These sports have become popular to participate and watch all over the world. Air sports are divided in three different disciplines like sky surfing, wing suit flying, hang gliding. The first air sport discipline is sky surfing.

According to merriam-webster dictionary sky surfing is a “skydiving in which the participant performs maneuvers during free fall while riding on a modified surfboard. ” Sky surfing was originated in France in 1988 and it was credited to a man named Patrick de Gayardon. (Gryniewicz n. p. ) Because this category is very exciting for many players, “new or unique experiences are words in which they classified this type of sport. ” (Tams7). However, sky surfing is a physically demanding sport and only the most trained skydivers can take on the responsibility of playing it. (Gryniewicz n. p.

) Rob Harris was one of the most recognized sky surfers. He was born on December 1966; unfortunately died on December 1995. This physical activity requires a peculiar preparation and it can bring you different skills like planning and organizing before enjoying the jump. The next sport discipline is wing suit. According to oxford dictionaries wing suit is “a one-piece garment that enables a person to glide through the air when in free fall, having sections of fabric between the arms and legs that inflate when the wearer jumps from an aircraft or a high place”. This sport was created by Patrick de Gayardon in the mid 90?

s. Schnitzspahn mentions, “Modern wing suits, which consist of extra fabric under the arms and between the legs to provide enough lift for flight are popular and allow parachutists to enjoy freefall longer” (n. p. ) It does not mean that anyone can go and do it in the first time. It requires a specific training; therefore, the skydiver needs enough practice before starting it. One known wing suit player is Jano Cordia, fan, flyer and addict to this air sport. A beneficial fact for your body is to be mentally prepared if something happens in any time. The last discipline is hang gliding.

Hang gliders “are aircraft of various configurations in which the pilot is suspended beneath the usually fabric wing to provide stability and control” (Curley 116). However, if the hang glider gets broken, it can be a terrible accident for the sky diving, or even death. Pioneers of practical flight created the hang gliders in 1891. Hang glider activities started in Germany, continuing with United Stated collaboration between Augustus Herring and Octave Chanute (Curley 116). One of the most famous people known by this discipline is the player Francis M Rogallo an aeronautical engineer who was considered the father of modern hang gliding.

Furthermore, an interesting ability of the players is the concentration you need while playing it. In conclusion, everyone needs to understand each discipline and its complexities. Air sports are extreme and can be considered dangerous because you can get broken bones or even death that is why it is necessary to be guided by an experienced person. These recreational activities are very important for some fans for the adrenalin they feel when practicing it. These entertainments can help people to develop different skills, besides; a person can get good physical conditions in the training process.

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pdf Curley, Robert. The complete history of aviation from ballooning to supersonic flight. Britannica Educational Publishing. Web. 20 September 2013. http://books. google. co. cr/books? id=iemcAAAAQBAJ&pg=PA116&dq=hang+gliding+history&hl=en&sa=X&ei=igk-UuCmJJT88QTe04CwDw&ved=0CDgQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=hang%20gliding%20history&f=false Gryniewicz, Christopher. An Overview of Sky Surfing. Helium Where knowledge rules. 2009. Web. 20 September 2013. http://www. helium. com/items/1685810-an-overview-of-sky-surfing Oxford Dictionary. University Press. Wing suit. Web. 16 Oct. 2013 http://www.

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