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Classification Essay

The film making industry is one of the most important businesses in the world. In this essay there will be an illustration on the genres; also, a classification among the types of films. Repercussion and examples of the industry that had changed the way people found entertainment since the last century will also be present in this paper.

In the early twentieth century, close to twenty-six million people attended the movie theaters. A number close to 100 million dollars a year. The frequent movie watchers were immigrants, the working class, and the unemployed. All the people can understand the films; however, not all kinds of movies are meant for children, or people sensitive to violence or drama. Over the last century, movie studios have been producing three main categories of films. Action, comedy, and drama genres are used repeatedly during the motion picture production.

Action films are very popular due to a number of factors. First, directors such as Michael Bay and James Cameron went through great obstacles to include footage of real situations, combined with explosions and the beauty of a land when editing the films. The public had never been in this kind of landscapes, this why they enjoy watching films of places they had not been in yet. The central theme of these films is commonly good versus evil. Frequently the climax and the main topic is a villain who had terrorized a place or a town in a fight of shootout involving the good guy or guys. Men enjoy action films, as the stars in the movies were men they could identify with.

Another Category of the films is the comedy. In early years, film producers saw that people involved in fun and everyday circumstances could be profitable. In the movie, The Hangover, the actors took care of been credible of having a hangover and no memories of what had happened the day before. Many times, the main actor of a comedy is involved in a man versus nature scenario. He might be seen running from an animal, or trying to get out of problems with the police. The harder he tries to overcome the situation, the worst the situation becomes. Other comedy movies such as Rush Hour involve chasing scenes and people fighting over a particular object such as diamonds or money. Comics like Jackie Chan, are quite physical and acrobatic and take great pride in trying to amuse the audience with their facial expressions

Drama films are a different story. Just the word -drama- means that is “an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances” (Oxford Dictionary, 2010) Drama films were the most popular due to several factors. Early women stars were perfect for bringing femininity to the big screen. Charlize Theron a drama actress and academy awards winner, portrayed much more than the girl next door in the film “Monster”. Theron’s character liked woman a lot, and did not mind been kissed by other women, and often exposed various parts of her anatomy in order to get her girlfriend. Before the moral codes of today’s films, the director could specialize in visual beauty to heighten the emotions of the audience. Drama films always have happy endings that left viewers with feelings of optimism and joy. Drama films were and still are very popular on the big screen.

The film industry started the production of many movies; also, they are intelligible in all languages. Their themes are universal and common to everybody. Their success relies on the development of hundreds of movies. The audience still just as easily understands the action, the comedies and the drama films. People will always be great fans of the film industry, because it is a great way of entertainment. At least for me, it will always be the way to live other people’s life through the screen.

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