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Today, the transportation have most beneficial to the society is cars. When talking about cars’ advances, the first thing people will think of is how cars are up to date to all the need of technology. Next thing people will probably want to discuss is their useful. Last thing is probably not for older people but for young people, car is what they cannot lack in their life, either for them to hang out with friend or make friend, or simply to make them look good in front of their friend.

People always want more of technology, and the only transportation that can provide them with all they need is cars. Few years ago, people want to have stereo system with them when they going out. However, mp3 player or disc player is cannot provide them what they need. So they make a best system that can give them relax time when they are driving. That is one thing that planes or boats cannot provide, since they are public transportation, people cannot bring a big speaker with them.

Then GPS come out, and again, people think that, every time they want to use it, they have to connect to their car is just so annoying. That is where the idea of make GPS system becomes part of the car get into their mind. And now, since most people want to play their song but AUX connector is not an option for their player. Most of manufactory make cars have one more option that is connect through USB. However, that is not all, in future when the needs of people arise. They will find a way to make their cars become more and more up to date.

That is one thing planes and boats, or any others transportation cannot provide. The next thing people think of their car is usefulness. Nobody will take planes or boats to go to school or work, simply because it is impossible. Then what about horse? That is not an option either, because it’s too slow. Not just go to school or work place. Cars are what people need when they want to go out have a diner with their family, or when they want to go shopping, without cars, people will stuck at home and cannot go anywhere.

Another thing of their usefulness is that when people going out of state, people cannot go without sleep, so their cars become their house, their shelter. They just need a pillow and then they can sleep in parking lots without pay the rent. For some people when go to another state, they will prefer go by car, it is true that they will have spent long time driving but they can stop anywhere they like to spent some quality time with their spouse. Then it became a most enjoyable thing between lovers. When talking about this point of view, the old people may say that it is ridiculous.

However, the fact is the nicer car, the more respect he/she will earn from their friend. Some will not say it out loud, but in the mind, they are always jealous with their friend when it comes to car, and some of them want to get their hand on those cars in the future, so it becomes the motivation to study hard, and get better job for that. For boy, when it comes to car, they can talk all day nonstop, and car is the big topic that boy can make friend with each other, just like girl is like to talk about clothes.

When it comes to car, boy like to show off which mods they have done to their car and compare it with friend. Or they can find advice from their friend to see which mods they should do next. For young people, car is the one that they cannot lack, either for them to hang out with friend, or make friend, or simply look good. Car is the most useful transportation than others transportation. First thing people think of car is because they are most up to date with the needs for technology today. That is why car is the most advance and beneficial to society in whole.

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