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“Eat, sleep, breathe dance,” is a motto that many dancers use today because dancing is expressed in such an exciting way. Dancers find inspiration and motivation as they become lost in the dance; it gives the dancer peace of mind and relaxation. Dancing is a stress reliever for most dancers. Dancing has a variety amount of categories such as modern, jazz, and ballet. Modern can be a very awkward type of dance it breaks all the rules of classical ballet. This dance type was created by dancers that didn’t like ballet and saw it as a meaningless dance.

The first person that started modern dancing was Isadora Duncan her performances in the United States were unsuccessful so then she decided to travel abroad to Europe where her work was very much appreciated. Modern dance focuses more so on internal feelings. You can get into the moves without worrying about the strict rules that come with classical ballet. Modern dance came into play around the beginning of the twentieth century. In modern you use your torso for the movements that it uses the dancers use head to tail movements which makes them look fish like.

The look to this dance is free flowing, loose hair, and bare foot to show the freedom of the dance. Modern dance music is a strange type of music because the dancer wants to show their inner feelings in this dance. The dance has to go with the rhythm of the music, or the music can even be absent just listening to the dancers movements across the floor would be considered their music. Modern dancing is an interesting choice of dance and entertaining to watch because it’s a different style of dance. Jazz is a fun and energetic dance that most people enjoy watching because of the fancy footwork and big leaps that it contains.

Jazz dance is enterprising; to make it look exceptional you have to use all of your body and effort. The technique that is used mostly comes from your legs in this dance to push up for the big leaps and all the toe touches. It is a joyful fast dance most of the time so the turns that the dance has are fast. You have to be strong in ballet to get the technique down. The dancer adds their own personality into this dance to make their steps look unique and sassy. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet, as it encourages grace and balance. Early roots of jazz dance came from the African culture imported by slaves.

They would dance to celebrate the cycles of life such as; life, marriage, and death. As early as the eighteen hundreds the professional American dancers would blacken their faces and imitate the slaves dancing to use them in their own dances. Jazz music is usually upbeat, peppy, and sassy to show the energy that the dance has. There’s a wide variety of jazz costumes to wear while dancing its normally tight bottoms and tops that have a lot of pizzazz and the dancers hair is up in a slicked back ponytail or bun. Because jazz is such a fast upbeat dance it gets the crowd going and is an ecstasizing performance to view.

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