Classical conditioning and instrumental conditioning Essay

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Classical conditioning and instrumental conditioning

Classical conditioning and instrumental conditioning

Classical conditioning is about pairing a stimulus with another stimulus that cause a natural reaction. As a good example of Pavlov’s dog meat powder experiment, the dog meat powder and dog salivating is unconditional reponse which naturally occurred. However, if a dog was given a meat powder after the bell ring, eventually the dog will salivate whenever bell rings even if there are no meat powder, meaning, by pairing the two stimulus the desired behavior will be evoked without the unconditional stimulus which originally used.

Operant conditioning is encouraging a particular behavior by positive reinforcers such as rewards or sometimes by punishment. The marketers use this conditioning to attract consumers and as well as keeping them satisfied. Consumers feel that they are compensated and gained extra value when they are given some kind of rewards. By applying operant conditioning technique, the person, company or the source selling the product or service are getting their desired benefit but also consumers sometimes feel it is win-win situation.

The main difference between the Classical conditioning and instrumental conditioning is that, with operant conditioning, the consumers must be passive and participate and act in some way to achieve desired behavior where in classical conditioning, the behavior is elicited by natural unconditional response.

Shaping is process of altering desired behavior over time. By instrumental conditioning, this behavior can be achieved from offering small reward to a larger reward and gradually the consumer will behave as planned by a markters. In a Starcity casino in Sydney, they are applying instrumental conditioning on their marketing strategy. They provide consumers with various levels of membership cards, meaning if casino customers spend more time their level of card will be promoted to a next level. First membership starts with blue card, then silver, gold and if one spends more than 1000 hours, he or she will be rewarded with Sovereign card. Different levels of rewards and offers are given to each card levels. For example, if you receive a blue card in the beginning, you will receive a free buffet ticket every week by post.

The buffet entrance is right next to the casino entrance, this way there are big chance that consumers will visit the casino in some point as they are exposed continuously to the casino. And with the sovereign card, if you sit and play at the casino for just 3 hours, you will get a free hotel room for a night at Starcity. The casino shapes their customers by giving variety and different levels of rewards. This is very effective in attracting consumers and making them the end-user/customer to the business.

Classical conditioning – Pairing the two stimuli, to make reponse. Clothing(conditional) with sexual image(unconditional),
= (wear this clothes and you can hook girls)
PAVLOV dog with meat(unconditional) and bell(conditional)
= (hear the bell and that’s when you get the meat)

Conditioned stimulus – Does not occur naturally but must do(pairing unconditioned stimulus) Unconditioned stimulus – Response that occurs naturally -> Unconditioned response

conditioned stimulus is bell ring paired with meat powder but later on, the response was made unconditionally after bell rang.

EG Psychologically, woman seek for men who can satisfy or fulfill their needs of, shelter, food, safety and social belongings. When they meet a men, they look if he is financially stable. One specific element that she will look for could be a nice car. If he has Porsche kind of nice expensive cars, there is big possiblility that this men can take care of the women. In men’s implicit memory, there is something like purchase a nice car and you can attract nice woman. Therefore men desire and trying to buy a nice sport car is becoming unconditional response.

If someone buys a nice shirt or uses perfume and more women are attracted, he will use

Instrumental (operant) ConditioningSKINNER
Behavior is conditioned with reinforcement, do. Rewards.
Behave -> gets reward

Discriminative stimuli – Presence of reinforce needed. Reward will occur if type of behavior is made.(if you do this, you will get reward) (shop at store and get 10% discount) (online 10% cheaper and etc) STARCITY MEMBERS 3hours play and receive free parking. 5hours free rooms EG become a starcity member and get half discount on garden buffet. Casino membership -> discount ticket used to elicit desired purchase(people coming to casino or exposed to casino environment more often making them it looks more familiar)

Through classical conditioning, the dogs “learned” to respond to the bell instead of the meat powder by salivating. Today, advertisers use sexual or intimate imagery to create unintentional learning.

Shaping – planning making strategy to catch a bigger fish. Desired behavior is altered over time in small increment. Making the small rewards, to achieve other behavior.

Punisher – children gets punished, or by making poor decision, consumers get the products delivered wrongly, and they learn,

Negative reinforcers -> focusing bad outcomes for not using their product

Extinction -> if reinforcers are not made after the behavior, consumers are not likely to return

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