Classic Love Story about Romeo and Juliet

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In fiction and in life, there are always situations that occur that could be easily avoided. Romeo and Juliet is a classic play, written by William Shakespear, about two star-crossed lovers, who were unable to be together because of their family rivalries. In the end, their hopelessness inevitably leads to their death. Except their deaths were not inevitable, there were many ways to avoid the entire catastrophe. Despite it seeming like the situation would only end it death, it was actually quite the opposite.

Most every character had the ability to change the outcome by simply doing something different. Just as one, in their lives, have the ability to change their future based on the actions they take now. The knowledge of this will show the flaws of the story and will also show how this could have been and can be avoided in the future.

The first participant in this disaster is Romeo, he actually did not like, nor know who Juliet was until he randomly saw her at a party.

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This information brings up the first point, if Romeo stuck with Rosaline, who did not have a rival family, it would have saved everyone. From the article, Developing Brain Conections Make Teenagers Impatient and Impulsive, by Hannah Osborne, the author states: “The scientist were looking specifically at impatience and if heightened impatience among teenagers is because of disregard for future outcomes or from oversensitivity to immediate rewards.” Romeo was disregarding the complication with his future with Juliet because he had an immediate reaction from Juliet that he never got from Rosaline.

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When he liked Rosaline, he sat alone being sad. In Act One, Scene One of Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo was speaking to Benvolio, he mentions that no one loves him back. As soon as Juliet showed any interest in him, he completely forgot about Rosaline. The point of this is that if Romeo put effort into getting Rosaline to like him back, he would have realized that they had potential for a healthy relationship.

Next is Juliet, she never thought things all the way through. In another article, One Reason Teens Respond Differently to the World: Immature Brain Circuitry, it was said that: “teens and adults used different parts of their brains to process what they were feeling. The teens mostly used the amygdala, a small almond shaped region that guides instinctual or “gut” reactions, while the adults relied on the frontal cortex, which governs reason and planning,” Using this we can infer that Juliet, using her teenage brain, instinctively believed faking her death was a good idea. Another thing she did not think about was in Act Three, Scene Five, when Capulet threatens to disown her. She wanted to be disowned at first so she could be with Romeo. But, as soon as they mention it, she forgets this is an opportunity to leave.

The next group of people probably has the largest impact out of all the characters. The Capulet and Montegue families, specifically the parents of the two were big factors in the death of their children. Bothe parents, especially Capulets, show major signs of authoritarian parenting. According to the article 4 Types of Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids: What’s Your Parenting Style?, it is said: “Authoritarian parents believe kids should follow the rules without exception.” and “they’re often focused on making a child suffer for his mistakes.” The parents manipulated Juliet into agreeing to marry Paris by telling her that if she did not, she would be disowned and abandoned with no family to go to. This caused her to think the only way was to fake her death.

Mercutio and Tybalt, two favorite characters from the play, but they did not have to be in the family dramas. Mercutio was only Romeo’s friend, he was not part of the family and was not needed in the situation. Tybalt was family, but only a cousin to Juliet, so he has more of an excuse. Besides that he did not have to kill Mercutio. Studies in the article show and state: “Behaviorism is a worldview that assumes a learner is essentially passive, responding to environmental stimuli. The learner starts off as a clean state and behavior is shaped.” This shows Tybalt is nurtured into what happened, while Mercutio was acting on the instinct to fight. Since Tybalt was nurtured to despise Montegues, he killed Mercutio and caused Romeo to kill him.

The final person to lead to the death of Romeo and Juliet was Friar Lawrence. In Act Four Scene One, Friar Lawrence told Juliet that faking her death was the way to get out of the marriage with Paris. There were many other ways to approach this, but he said to drink his herb juice and wait to awake in the family tomb with Romeo. Then in the same scene, he sent Friar John, who does not know the situation, to give the letter to Romeo. Since Friar John failed to give the message, Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet died and Romeo drank the poison.

It does not matter who is more at fault here, because the fact of the matter is that everyone had their own part in the death of every character that was unfortunate. Every person had their own mistakes and problems, but there were many other options available to keep them alive.

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