Classic Literature Essay

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Classic Literature

Writers also use a foil character as well as irony of circumstances. A foil character is used to create suspense because the reader doesn’t know how the foil character will react in his situation, or how the other characters will react to him. Another element writers use is foreshadowing. Writers reveal some details in the story to lull the reader into thinking something is going to happen a certain way. However, when the writer uses irony of circumstances, the reader is caught off guard because the story didn’t end the way the expected it.

rs use foreshadow and irony of circumstances to create suspense in their stories. Kate Chopin uses foreshadow in her story “Desiree’s Baby.” In “The Story of an Hour,” she uses irony of circumstances.

Let’s first look at “Desiree’s Baby.” She uses foreshadowing to create suspense. Writers reveal certain things about characters to prepare the reader for the outcome. This creates suspense because the readers want to continue reading when they catch a glimpse of a character or the character’s actions. Through these revelations, readers anticipate how the story will end, so they continue reading to find out what does happen. Kate Chopin uses foreshadow in “Desiree’s Baby.”

When Desiree notices something different about her baby, she talks to Armand. He tells her that the baby’s coloring indicates only one thing–he is part black. Armand accuses Desiree of deceiving him. Chopin uses a certain passage to foreshadow things about Desiree that may reveal what will happen to the characters in the end.

Desiree told Armand, ” ‘Look at my hair, it is brown; and my eyes are gray, Armand, you know they are gray. And my skin is fair, … Look at my hand; whiter than yours, Armand.’ ” These details show the reader that Desiree is lighter than Armand.

The reader becomes confused and wonders what is happening. A writer uses foreshadowing to reveal certain details that lulls the reader into thinking a certain way. Then, through the use of another technique called irony of circumstances, a writer wants to surprise the reader at the end of the story by making an unusual turn of events.

At the end of the story, Chopin finally reveals that Armand is the one who is half white and half black and not Desiree. Just like “Desiree’s Baby,” Chopin uses irony of circumstances in “The Story of an Hour.” Mrs. Mallard is waiting of news about her husband, whom she thought might have died since he had been gone so long. When Mrs.

Mallard is told that her husband’s name is on the list of those who were killed, Mrs. Mallard is devastated. However, her attitude changes quickly because she is free to do what she wants. The reader is still held in suspense because he or she doesn’t know what Mrs. Mallard is going to do until the end of the story. The reader is surprised when Mrs. Mallard’s husband shows up alive, and when Mrs. Mallard dies after seeing her husband. Even though Chopin uses foreshadowing, she still catches the reader off guard by using irony of circumstances.

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