Class Hierarchy in Novel "1984" by George Orwell

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More and more the world is changing. Since terroristic attacks has been occured more often, people are more and more observed and controlled. After reading the book by George Orwell 1984, our world became more similary to the world from this book. We could say that we are living in 1984.

1984 was written in 1949 by George Orwell. The book show us how people are controlled by the Party. There are posters of the Party leader with the caption ‘Big Brother is watching you’ while in every possibly place there are telescreens which everywhere monitoring and observing people, their private and public life, every move and behaviour.

There are three levels of the class hierarchy: the upper-class Inner Party, the middle-class Outer Party and the lower-class Proletariat. The last one class is the most populated, 85% people which are uneducated are not observed by the rest of the classes due to the fact that they are not worth of attention. Rest people have to be careful of what they do because if they behave in improperly way (f.

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ex. thoughtcrime), they have a brainwash or they are condemned to death.

In today’s world controlling is not felt so much as in Orwell’s book but people are also controlled. First of all people are controlled on the airports. If they want to fly abroad or even in its country, before they go to the airplane they are controlled by the security control or border control. To control on the airport means also that they can open your luggage and check what you have inside.

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Another thing is that jugde, police, defense intelligence agency has a permission for checking hidden datas such as telephone bilings, computer’s IP so they know with whom we talk and what we do. Much more institutions have cameras inside and outisde the buildings so they also know what people do. Even parents sometimes instal an application of localization in their child’s telephone to know where is their child. The last thing is that for example you want to find a book in online bookstore. The bookstore displays prompt books for users. It is based on analysis of earlier choices of that user. In some way it is also control of people.

To sum up, our world is more and more similar to the world from 1984. Probably people do not see it but they are losing its privacy and the same becoming the subordinates to the power of the government. In this case we can say that we are living in the 1984.

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Class Hierarchy in Novel "1984" by George Orwell

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