Clancy of the Overflow Essay

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Clancy of the Overflow

Good morning class and Mrs Bova. Today I will be talking to you about my findings of an investigation I conducted. My aim was to see which types of wrappings will keep sliced apples the freshest in the refrigerator over a period of a week. To do this experiment I had to figure out ways of how I would package the apples, I decided on using aluminium foil, plastic wrap and snap lock bags.

Before doing the experiment I assumed that the apple in the snap lock bag would stay the freshest. The first step to this experiment was to cut 3 pink lady apples in half and place an apple slice in each type of wrapping. Step 2 was to make space in the fridge and make sure all apples are in the same spot. Step 3 was to leave the apples in the fridge for a week and then remove them and see which apple stayed the freshest. Step 4 take photos of the apples to record for the results.

Step 5 record results on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being not fresh and 10 being very fresh. Step 6 graph results on a graph. Step 7 repeats the experiment at least 2-3 times to get an accurate result. The risks involved in this experiment were, if someone were to eat the apples after the period of the week they could get sick. The apples could spoil, spoilage bacteria are microorganisms that cause food to deteriorate and develop colours textures and tastes. Even if the apple looks good enough to eat, it can develop pathogenic bacteria that are hard to recognise. To prevent any risks happening you should throw away all apples used during the experiment.

According to my experiment, the sliced apple wrapped in foil stayed the freshest. My hypothesis was that the sliced apples in the snap lock bag would stay the freshest. My results did not match my hypothesis. I am glad I chose to do this experiment because now I know what to wrap my left over apples. While doing research for my experiment I found another method that I would like to try in the future.

This method consist of cutting the apples under water , then covering the apples in acid , boiling the apples and then rinsing them under cold water, and then letting them soak in salt water before coving with plastic wrap. My overall experience in conducting this experiment was positive. I enjoyed watching the outcome and I now know that aluminium foil is the best way to keep apples fresher.

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