Civil Rights Diary Entry (Emmett Till)

Looking back on the trial about Emmett Till it is hard to support the way that everything turned out. I remember the terrible amounts of discrimination that occurred. Going back the story went as told. Emmett Till to me was just an innocent boy. The two men who murdered him should not have been innocent. Emmett Till was a 14-year-old boy who was brutally murdered. The reason was horrific and completely not understandable. Emmett Till was from Chicago and wasn’t used to the tremendous segregation that happened in Mississippi at the time.

Emmett walked into a grocery store just like any normal person would. The event that was so claimed “wrong” was that he was so called flirting with a white woman who worked at the grocery store. A few nights after the incident the woman’s husband come to Emmett’s house and took him away. The woman’s husband along with the father in law of the woman murdered Till.

They beat him and gouged out his eyes. After that they tied a cotton gin around his neck and threw him into the Tallahassee River. 3 days later his body was found.

His mother was extremely devastated and decided to have an open casket funeral to show how brutally her son was beaten. Many went to his funeral and saw the body. Unfortunately many people didn’t believe it and started to support the killers. Till was mutilated to the point that it was so hard to identify the body that people just didn’t believe it.

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This wasn’t the worse part. The worse part was that during the trial the murderers were found innocent. Mose Wright who was the only witness. He was very brave for being the first man to ever accuse a white man of murder.

As he told his side of the story more blacks started to support him. The trial took 5 days. There was a segregated courtroom. The bad thing was that it only took the judge one hour to find the boys not guilty. The two men who terribly murdered Emmett Till went off free. I feel like the reason that this happened was just for the fact that the two men were white. Emmett Till didn’t do anything significantly wrong to deserve being so terribly murdered. Maybe there was a segregation law where he couldn’t talk to the woman but he was only 14 and didn’t know any better.

The thing that disgusts me the most is that 4 years after the trial the two boys came forward and told their story of killing Emmett till and received 4 thousand dollars for it. If this situation were to happen today I would hope that there wouldn’t be the results. I don’t understand how the two boys could just automatically get off the hook. It’s like the judge completely ignored what Mose Wright, the witness, had to say. I’m glad that there is no longer segregation and the court cases are equal among blacks and whites.

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