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Civil Engineering Pesonal Statement Essay

Essay Topic:

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It was this quote by Theodore von Karman in my high school physics book that sparked my interest in engineering. Engineering allows for the designing and constructing of structures that most people could only dream of but they could not live without. From bridges spanning oceans to connect countries to artificial islands on which building complexes can provide housing for thousands of people. This notion is what made me want to become an engineer. I have always been interested mathematics and science since grade school, but it was in high school that my curiosity flourished when I joined an engineering program.

There I learned about the different fields like electrical, structural, and robotics. But it was civil engineering that I pursued. Something that became evident when we were given the chance to build bridges from balsa wood which strengths would later be tested. Although my bridge was not the strongest, it was in the top five and the most aesthetically pleasing out of the twenty bridges that participated.

That experience was enough to make me decide to pursue a career in civil engineering.

Later when I entered college and began to take courses working towards my degree, I learned more about emerging new technologies which could benefit both the people and the planet alike. I am concerned about environmental issues which our world is currently facing and hope to use engineering to resolve these problems while also improving people’s lives. My mathematical skills also developed and I relish the opportunity of using these mathematical techniques to solve real-life problems. Studying further mathematics has proved more demanding than I anticipated, but I have found the extra challenge very rewarding. Furthermore, it has shown me the extent to which mathematics is ultimately present in every aspect of our lives.

I am involved in extracurricular activities. In 2010 I joined Sigma Alpha Lambda a national leadership and honors organization and their local chapter. With them I have participated in Relay for Life and Food Fight Against Hunger. Two national initiatives aimed at fundraising and bringing awareness to cancer and hunger respectively. For Relay for Life I helped to decorate our team campsite according to the theme that year and for Food Fight Against Hunger I helped collect can foods as well as monetary donations.

Outside of school I am also involved in my church. There I serve as a Sabbath School teacher for children in pre-K and kindergarten and as a general volunteer. My responsibilities range from helping the children learn songs to helping organize a blood drive, but also as a congregation we go visit elderly folks in a retirement home and volunteer at a shelter to feed the homeless on a monthly basis.

Engineering offers us the chance to make the world a better, safer and more exciting place; this is what attracts me to the subject. I am confident that the challenges offered by civil engineering appeal to me and will inspire me to do great things. Engineering has always been fundamental in developing the world and is a field in which I would love to be involved.

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