City X’s investigative plan Essay

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City X’s investigative plan

As the Police Chief, I have noted with concern the rising number of daylight robberies within the precincts of the city. Over the past couple of days I have gathered and analyzed various reports from both the police and investigation department on the same. Armed with intelligence, my team and I have come up with robust and feasible strategies not only to curb this type of crime but to nail those who are accountable for it. It is absolutely true that those who engage in these robberies are living among us; our relatives, friends and neighbors.

I would like the public to volunteer any helpful information to help us carry out duties more effectively. Besides that, the following are some of the actions that we are going to make use of to tackle the problem. First, we are going to amplify the use of intelligence in assembling and acting on useful information about imminent robberies. That is, we are to engage in a policing type which is guided by analyzed information and data.

From the studies we have made, the most useful information comes from the undercover police, the public, through top secret informants as well as from those suspects we have in custody. With such information, we will scientifically analyze it, determine and predict when such incidents are likely to happen. From then, we will act swiftly (Palmiotto, 2004). Secondly, we will map out some entities, felony groups and systems which offenders use to cause mayhem. In this case, our work will be to focus on specific people who are well known, their ilk and the connections they use.

This is a critical group that will make our investigation procedures easy. Thirdly, we are going to classify and deal with places which report most incidences. These areas are well known to us and therefore, an increase of our undercover personnel will be the next logical step. Fourthly, from now onwards the police will thoroughly categorize and examine the crime cycles from the records that are in their possession. This will help us to be acquainted with the patterns of robberies common in our city.

Fifthly, we will implement a variety of precautionary guiding principles which may include revamping the police administration as well as establish a unit dedicated to robberies. This means that a re-structuring of the administration may be in the offing. In addition to that, we will re-engage the community to, alongside our personnel, keep watch over itself. In essence, we will equip the community with the know-how to effectively collect information on likely robberies and notify the police.

Local observatory groups ought to be formed to that effect. Furthermore, with the help of the city council, we will be increasing the number of closed circuit television cameras in our streets and residential areas. Undercover, cameras will be discreetly installed in particular places. Similarly, our tour of duty operations will be more objective and directed towards the areas with widespread robberies. The police therefore will be resourced with more patrol cars, special clothing and guns to handle the most violent locations.

On top of that, the police will be watching closely monitoring released convicts and repeat offenders in order to thwart them from. Besides that imprisoned robbers will be a vital source of information to our investigations. This because they are relatively knowledgeable on how the friends outside operate, how they are connected to them and the times they pounce on businesses and homes (Palmiotto, 2004). Computer based software for crime analysis is being installed in our stations and experts have already been hired to start working on the available data.

What they will provide us with is premises which will inform our decisions regarding robbery and other types of crime. In this regard we would like to appeal for more funding from the federal government and the city council to enable the police division to procure the state-of-the-art communication equipments and systems. This will facilitate our forces to be more effective in their lines of duty. We are in the process of drafting proposals to other organizations pursuant to the same effect. Thank you.

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