City Life vs Country Life Essay

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City Life vs Country Life

The difference between city life and country life is that if you live in the city, you have barely any privacy but, in the country life there can be woods all around your house and no one can see you. In the city there are lots of apartments not really houses and in the country you have your own houses that are bigger and the more people can come over. Lastly in the city you can’t hunt, you can’t grow your own garden, and you can’t walk your dogs were would they do their business, but in the country you can have your own farm, you just let your dog’s run free, you can have your own garden and you can shoot your gun if you have one. I think you country life is better for you.

When you think about living in the city you’re excited at first and say let’s throw a party. Well everything going as plan. Then the lady/man comes home to the apartment next door they hear the party going on and they can’t sleep because it’s too loud so they come to your door and ask if we can keep it down. We are respectful and say yes we can. Well as we are trying to keep it down things get out of hand and the man/ lady next door calls the cops. The end parties over, but if we were out in the country it would be no problem throwing a party cause we live out in the middle of nowhere. We can also have a bonfire for our party because there is room unlike the city. If you were to build a fire in the city people would probably call it a riot.

When you have a family get together out in the country you can have as many people as you want because we can have the get together outside and inside. Cause on thanksgiving and Christmas my family goes outside and plays football. You try doing that out in the city and you’re probably going to get hit by a car. Also if you’re in an apartment in the city you can only invite 10 to 15 people over at the maximum or it will be really crowed. What if you’re having people come over for the super bowl where is everyone going to sit you’ll have some people on the floor, some people on the couch, and some people sitting on the table. Where would all the food go if you have people sitting on the table? It would probably end up in everyone’s lap then if you jump up cause of a touch down then the foods most likely going on someone’s head.

When living in the city you can’t walk your dogs, you can’t hunt, and you can’t grow your own garden. Well you can walk your dogs but they have to be on leashes and you would have to pick up their business wherever they go and they can’t run free. Also where would you plant a garden if you wanted one I don’t think you can? How in the world would you hunt for deer, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, bird or anything else in the city? There’s no way the animals would even go to the city anyway.

Plus if you shot a gun while you were in the city you would most likely go to jail because somebody might think you’re shooting at them. Why would you even shoot a gun in the city? When you out in the country you can let your dog roam free, shoot your gun whenever you would like and garden whenever the weather would be okay to garden. Have a great time with family, pets, and friends whenever you would like and have no issues along the way.

In my option I think it is way better to live in the country then in the city. I do live in the country and have lived in the city. I love it so much better in the country because it’s so peaceful and quite. We have a family get together all the time and have never had an issue. When I lived in the city people where always telling us to be quite because our music was too loud so I love it in the country. Like I said it’s up to you to make your own option about this. Well this is why I picked living in the country rather than living in the city.

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