Citizen Essay Topics

My Role as a Global Citizen

Scholars say that the concept of globalization is inevitable and will subsist because people of the world are becoming increasingly capitalistic and the advancement of technology is rapidly breaking down all state barriers. Although capitalism and technology may be viewed in a negative light, there are still positive implications to the concept of globalization that… View Article

The Natural Born Citizen

The President of the United States of America is the most powerful man in the world. The decisions that he makes and the policies that he enforce are things that have direct or indirect effects not only on the U. S citizenry but also on people living in other countries. This fact makes it imperative… View Article

The naval blockade of the Japanese

The naval blockade of the Japanese held islands dates back to decades ago when the Japan attacked the United States and its allies. It is referred to as the pacific war and it involved the attack on Pearl Harbor which led to a serious conflict of the Second World War. The war continued until the… View Article

The History Boys

What elements of Bennetts own educational experiences has he used in “the History Boys”? Bennett says that he was made fun of at school for coming to school in a suit on the day of his exams. He says he did this because he thought the exam was an occasion and he must rise to… View Article