Citation and Organizational Structure

Many Americans have questioned whether fighting a full-scale war against China or a war of containment was the best policy for fighting the Korean War.

Using the Internet, library, and other sources, research how Truman and MacArthur differed over strategy in fighting the Korean War. After analyzing each position, determine whether Truman or MacArthur had the best strategy. In an essay of approximately 350-400 words: • State why you believe Truman or MacArthur had the best strategy in fighting the Korean War. • Give your reasons and arguments for the position you have chosen and make your arguments as convincing as possible. Does it appear to you that either strategy is based upon biblical principles? In what way and which principles are given expression by the policy or strategy? __________________ Remember to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling when typing your essay. Remember, all projects must follow the Academy’s guidelines concerning plagiarism and MLA formatting for the citation of sources. Source citation will be graded based on the following: • Did the student include parenthetical citations within the body of his/her report any time he/she summarized or quoted a source? Are the parenthetical citations in proper format (MLA)? • Is the works cited page in proper format (MLA)? Because it is very important to avoid even unintentional copying, any project submitted without a works cited page (when one is necessary) will be returned to you in order for you to add it.

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You will then need to resubmit the project for grading after you have added the works cited page.

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You can refer to the Academy’s document on MLA format, found on the Academy’s online resource center – www. aoacademy. com/resources, for additional assistance. Notice

Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for any Academy project and may not be used. Contributors to Wikipedia sometimes plagiarize other sources or submit erroneous information. Be sure to use primary sources and cite your sources in accepted MLA (Modern Language Association) format. Go to “Citing Sources” in our online Resource Center for help. Projects will be graded according to a rubric which measures six important traits essential to good writing. Your teacher will use the rubric below to score aspects of each trait giving a best score of 5, or a lowest score of 1, or something in between.

Once your teacher has scored each trait he/she will convert rubric scores to the Academy grade scale. Please study the chart below so to understand how to improve your writing and your project scores. Six Traits + 1 Rubric |Trait |5 |3 |1 | |Ideas: The main message of the |This paper is clear and focused. It |The writer is beginning to define |The paper has no clear sense of | |piece, the topic, with supporting |holds the reader’s attention. the topic, even though development |purpose or central theme. The | |details that enrich and develop that|Relevant anecdotes and details enrich|is still basic or general. |reader must make inferences based | |topic. |the central theme. | |on sketchy or missing details. | | | | | | | |1. The paper is on the topic |1. The writer strays off topic |1.

The writer has not written on | | |assigned, or one of the options, and |2. Support with details is |the assigned topic or options | | |focused. |attempted. |given. | | |2. Relevant, quality details go |3. Writer has difficulty going from|2. Information is unclear or the | | |beyond the obvious. |general observations about the |length is not adequate for | | |3.

Writing from knowledge or |topic to specifics. |development. | | |experience; ideas are fresh and |4. The reader is left with |3. Simply a restatement of the | | |original. |questions. |instructions. | | |4. Reader’s questions are anticipated| |4. The writing may be dis- | | |and answered. |connected, repetitious, and include| | | | |random thoughts. | | | | |Student did not comply to teacher | | | | |request for changes. | |Organization: The internal |The organizational structure of this |The organizational structure is The writing lacks a clear sense of | |structure, thread of central |paper enhances and showcases the |strong enough to move the reader |direction | |meaning, logical, and sometimes |central idea or theme of the paper. |through the text without too much | | |intriguing pattern or sequence of | |confusion. |1. No real lead or conclusion | |ideas. |1. An introduction draws the reader | |present. | | |in; a conclusion leaves the reader |1.

The paper has a recognizable |2. Connections between ideas, if | | |with a sense of closure and |introduction and conclusion. |present, are confusing. | | |resolution. |2. Transitions sometimes work. |3. Sequencing needs work. | | |2. Thoughtful transitions connect |3. Sequencing shows some logic, yet|4. Problems with organizational | | |ideas. |structure takes attention away from|structure make it hard for the | | |3.

Sequencing is logical and |the content. |reader to get a grip on the main | | |effective. |4. Organizational structure |point or story line. Little or no | | |4. Organizational structure is |sometimes supports the main point |evidence of paragraphing present. | | |appropriate for purpose/audience; |or story line, with an attempt at |Student did not comply to teacher | | |paragraphing is effective. |paragraphing. request for changes. | |Voice: The unique perspective of the|The writer of this paper speaks |The writer seems sincere, but not |The writer seems uninvolved with | |writer evident in the piece; or |directly to the reader in a manner |fully engaged or involved. The |the topic, disinterested in the | |sustained use of the voice or |that is individual, engaging, and |result is passable, but not well |audience, and oblivious of the | |perspective called for in the |respectful for the audience. |focused on the audience. |instructions. | |instructions. | | | | |1. Purpose is reflected by content |1. Attempts to include content and |1. Purpose is unclear. | | |and arrangement of ideas. |arrangement of ideas to reflect |2. Expository or persuasive writing| | |2. Expository or persuasive writing |purpose. |is mechanical, showing no | | |reflects understanding and commitment|2. Expository or persuasive writing|engagement with the topic. | |to topic. |lacks consistent engagement with |3. Narrative writing lacks | | |3. Narrative writing is honest, |topic. |development of a point of view. | | |personal, and engaging. |3. Narrative writing reflects |. 4. Made no attempt to write from | | |4. Clearly the voice asked for in the|limited individual perspective. |the assigned perspective or voice. | | |instructions, e. g. biblical |4.

Made an attempt to adopt the |Student did not comply to teacher | | |character, historical character, |voice asked for in the instructions|request for changes | | |reporter on assignment. |but did not sustain it. | | |Word Choice: The use of rich, |Words convey the intended message in |The language is functional, even if|The writer struggles with a limited| |colorful, and precise language that |a precise, interesting, and natural |it lacks much energy. |vocabulary. |moves and enlightens the reader. |way. | | | | | | | | | |1. Words are specific and accurate. |1. Words are adequate and correct |1. Words are nonspecific or | | |2. Natural, effective, and |in a general sense. |distracting. | | |appropriate language. |2. Familiar words and phrases |2.

Many of the words don’t work. | | |3. Lively verbs, specific nouns, and |communicate. |3. Limited vocabulary, misuse of | | |modifiers. |3. Passive verbs, everyday nouns, |parts of speech. | | |4. Language enhances and clarifies |mundane modifiers. |4. Language is unimaginative and | | |meaning. |4. Language functions, with one or |lifeless, redundancy. | | | |two fine moments. Student did not comply to teacher | | | | |request for changes. | |Sentence Fluency: The flow of the |The writing has an easy flow, rhythm,|The text usually hums along with a |The reader has to practice quite a | |language, the way in which the |and cadence. Sentences are |steady beat, but has sections which|bit in order to give this paper a | |writing plays to the ear, not just |well-constructed. |throw off the reader. |fair interpretive reading. | |the eye. | | | | | |1. Sentences get the job done in a |1. Sentences are choppy, | | |1. Sentences enhance the meaning. |routine fashion. |incomplete, rambling, or awkward. | | |2. Sentences vary in length as well |2. Sentences are usually of similar|Phrasing does not sound natural. | | |as structure. |length, yet constructed correctly. 2. No “sentence sense” is present. | | |3. Purposeful and varied sentence |3. Sentence beginnings are somewhat|3. Sentences begin the same way. | | |beginnings. |varied. |4. Endless connectives, if any | | |4. Creative and appropriate |4. The reader sometimes has to hunt|present. | | |connectives. |for connective clues. |Student did not comply with teacher| | | | |request for changes. |Conventions: The mechanical |The writer demonstrates a good grasp |The writer shows reasonable control|Errors in spelling, punctuation, | |correctness of the piece; spelling, |of standard writing conventions |over a limited range of standard |capitalization, usage, and grammar | |punctuation, capitalization, grammar|(e. g. , spelling, punctuation, |writing conventions. |and/or paragraphing repeatedly | |usage, and paragraphing. |capitalization, grammar usage, | |distract the reader and make text | | |paragraphing). 1. Spelling is usually correct or |difficult to read. | | | |reasonably phonetic. | | | |1. Spelling is generally correct. |2. End punctuation is usually |1. Spelling errors are frequent. | | |2. Punctuation is accurate. |correct. |2. Punctuation is missing or | | |3. Capitalization skills are present. |3. Most capitalized words are |incorrect. | |4. Grammar and usage are correct. |correct. |3. Capitalization is random. | | |5. Paragraphing tends to be sound. |4. Problems with grammar and usage |4. Obvious grammar or usage errors. | | | |are not serious. |5. Paragraphing is missing. | | | |5. Paragraphing is attempted. |Student did not comply with teacher| | | | request for changes. | |Presentation: |The project is clean, has all |May be some problems in the |Errors in formatting create a | |The look of the paper, proper use of|directions included, and MLA format |formatting. |confusing paper that distracts the | |MLA formatting when necessary, |was used correctly if needed. | |reader. | |correct titling and inclusion of | |1. Project directions are included,| | |project instructions |1.

Project directions precede the |but not placed correctly. |1. Project directions are missing | | |project. |2. There are some problems with |or incomplete. | | |2. Spacing is uniform and font is |font or spacing. |2. Spacing and font are not | | |Times New Roman or Arial 12 point. |3. For multimedia, the visuals are |standard. | | |3. In a multimedia project, uses of |somewhat unclear or distracting. |3.

Visuals in a multimedia project | | |visuals are integrated without |4. In those projects for which |are confusing and substandard. | | |distraction. |outside sources were used, MLA |4. Works cited page and/or | | |4. Correctly formatted citations and |formatting is mostly correct. There|parenthetical citations for those | | |works cited when outside sources were|may be some components missing or |projects where necessary are | | |used. improperly formatted. |missing or incorrect. | | | | |Student did not comply with teacher| | | | |request for changes. | *0 – Not a valid attempt. Student did not make the changes recommended by the teacher. _______________ Paste the document you created and saved on your word processor below:

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