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Circuit Training

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Essay, Pages 4 (906 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (906 words)

Circuit training is a bunch of exercises that are placed in a training session in order to insure an increase in stamina, fitness, muscle building and many other essential attributes. In this project I have chosen to do a circuit training exercise for football players. Football is a game played all over the world, however what makes people good players in football are a couple of things that others lack. The attributes a footballer must have are stamina, strength, speed, balance, flexibility and endurance.

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So a footballer must have these qualities in order to insure that he is a good player, thus coaches do drills and practices that will create these qualities. This is why circuit training is a made available, the coach sets a couple of practices and the player must do them together, every player is at a station for an amount of time he does what he is supposed to and then moves to the other stations. I have created a circuit training especially made for football.

The exercises that will be included are: * Push-ups * Sit-ups Weight lifting (3 types) * Sprinting * Running with a ball in a zigzag line * Jump rope * Shooting practice I have chosen these exercises because they help develop the skills mentioned above that are needed in football. Here I will explain why each and every one of these is needed. Push-ups: Push-ups are needed because they create a better body for the athlete if the athlete is not able to do them he is a weak one.

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Push-ups create a better body for the athlete by building muscles in the chest, biceps, triceps and the back.

They create much needed muscles in the athletes body, these muscles are needed in order to increase physical strength and they do help during play since pushing and being pushed occur. Sit-ups: Sit-ups are needed because they build muscles in the stomach area and lower back area, we need those muscles because they help the athlete during play since they decrease the possibility of cramps. Weight lifting: 1st type: This type of weight lifting is important since it creates muscles in the legs, knees and thighs.

All of these muscles are essential since in football the leg must be strong enough to cope with all of the pressure and the running. Thus this exercise is needed in order to create these muscles in the leg and it also helps the lower back. 2nd type: This form of weight lifting is needed because athletes do need strong arms, the arms most important muscle is the bicep, this exercise helps develop this muscle. This muscle is needed because players need to use their arms for throwing outs and also for rough physical play, this exercise will insure that the athlete is able to do so. 3rd type:

This last weight lifting training is needed because it develops the thigh muscles quite well. The thighs must be strong because if they are the endurance will be higher since the legs can carry more weight and do have the muscles to help kick the ball and run at the desired speed. Sprinting (suicides): Suicide sprinting is one of the most important exercises, it is so because the athlete must run a certain distance from point a to b and then back again until the exercise is done. Basically the athlete must run a certain distance back and forth for an unlimited number of times however to clock.

This exercise develops stamina, endurance and speed. This is in my opinion the most important exercise because of its extreme difficulty however its results are worth it. Running with the ball in a zigzag line: This exercise improves the football skills and the balance of the player. It improves the players skills because the player is forced to move the ball back and forth with improves his control, the players balance is improved because the zigzag motion of the players body with the ball helps the balance become better. It becomes better because the motion when done over and over again builds balance.

Jump rope: The jump rope exercise is needed because it improves stamina and body coordination, it improves the body’s stamina because the motion is tiring and when done again and again endurance is developed. The coordination is developed because the motion of the rope versus your own body’s movement and when you must jump helps the coordination is developed. Shooting practice: This final exercise is clearly needed because the athlete must know how to shoot, thus this practice is there in order to insure that his skills are up to standard.

In this practice the athlete would be on the 18 yard box and will shoot a ball at a time at the goal. This practice helps the players aim and the shots power. All of these exercises in the circuit training shouldn’t exceed 2 minutes; they shouldn’t because they will then become too tiring for the athletes. I recommend that each exercise should be 2 minutes long and a break of 1 minute will be provided between moving between each and every one of these stations. All of these exercises plus the break take 27 minutes, so I also recommend that they be done 3 times. They can be repeated once done in order to insure that the athlete has got to grips with the certain skill. Thank you.


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