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Essay on Cinematography

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Cinematography of Film Shutter Island

The film is very manipulative of the audience there is a number of plot twists in the film that nobody could predict simply because once the audience is led to believe one thing instantaneously what you were led to believe becomes fake. This keeps the audience on their toes trying very hard to try and work out what is happening. There are scenes such as the interrogation scene in which ‘Teddy’...

Duality in Hitchcock's Movie Psycho

Hitchcock achieved his goal with Psycho by portraying his main theme of duality in human nature. He made the theme obvious to the audience and reinforced it in many different ways using a large range of techniques including camera angle and position, lighting, sound and mise-en-scene. From the thrilling and somewhat haunting music in the opening credits right up until the final scene where Marion...

Racism and Discrimination in The Film Mississippi Burning

The film was set in Jessup County, Mississippi in the 1960’s. To help show how badly segregation was in the 1960’s Alan Parker made many scenes where the coloured and white people were treated differently, for example, in the diner and the houses that the coloured and the whites lived in. In the diner scene, the coloured people had a separate place at the back where they were to eat because th...

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Phileas Fogg in Books, Cinema and on TV

The characters are anthropomorphisms of various animals. In a television episode of Have Gun, Will Travel starring Richard Boone, Fogg was used in the episode "Fogg Bound" that first aired on 3 December 1960. On the TV show Voyagers!, Fogg is said to have been named after the main character Phineas Bogg, when the latter met Jules Verne in Montmartre. In the 1963 movie Three Stooges Go Around the W...

The Important Elements of Cinematography

The PIVOT VECTOR SPACE APPROACH is a new dimension in the field of AUDIO-VIDEO mixing. Before the advent of this technology, audio-video mixing was a process carried out only by professional mixing artists. However, this process is expensive, tedious and time-consuming. This entire scenario changed with the emergence of the PIVOT VECTOR SPACE approach. Since this technique is fully Automatic, it e...

Angelina Jolie Speech

In a New York Times article titled “My Medical Choice”, Angelina Jolie made headlines across the world when she announced that she underwent a double mastectomy so she could prevent chances of breast cancer. (Nytimes, My Medical Choice) f. This courageous choice was made due to the fact that she carried a gene which increased the risk of both Ovarian and Breast cancer. (Breast Cancer Screening...

Eliminating United States Softly

Gay men hardly exist outside the publications that target them, and the way they depict lesbians is if it comes straight from the porn world. Over the years men have been featured as being bigger, stronger and more powerful than women. Men really don’t live in a world where their bodies are scrutinized, criticized or judged in the same way as women. Boys are growing up in a world where mean are ...

Cinematography of Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands

However "My Place" and "Edward Scissorhands" involve completely different journeys in the sense that Morgan's is a true account and autobiography of her real family and Tim Burtons film is a fantasy. This contrast shows that scissors for hands is a symbol illustration that is used to point out the discrimination felt by people who are actually physically different, just like Nan and Gladys who wer...

Bollywood vs Hollywood Film Industry

This heroic man then journeys to Pakistan, where he braves an assault from hundreds of Pakistani men and succeeds in single-handedly bringing back the love of his life to India. What is the message in this movie? The message in the first is that the poor and the victimised shall always triumph, and that this man (who yet shows no desire of becoming Chief Minister) will help you win. The second sho...

"Vertigo" by Alfred Hitchcock

The sequence is concluded a tight close up, once again with the green glow illuminating the background (Fig 7). Vertigo fulfills many elements that qualifies it as a psycho-traumatic thriller, but we cannot ignore the other (and maybe) more important aspects of the film, as discussed which were the romance, madness and obsession, which makes Vertigo the film that it is. Hitchcock also defies thril...

Battle of Algiers Analysis

Throughout the film the French try to persuade the native population to quell their rebellion by showing how French occupation has given them “civilization and prosperity.” But this is not true because of the difference in living conditions between the two races of people. Also throughout the film the French refer to the native Algerians as “dirty Arabs,” and “rats.” The dehumanization...

Neo-Realism and New Wave Cinematography

Because of this, they learned to adore directors like John Ford and Howard Hawks, the American masters who were almost ignored in the country not until the French critics made their artistry case. They also made the world become familiar with the genre. Some of these genres are the Gangster Films, Musicals, Film Noir, and Western Films. References: Keohane, N. (1986) Neorealism and Its Critics. Co...

My Left Foot

My only dislike about the ? lm is that I felt it was a ? lm that I could only watch once, because the ? lm deals with such a serious matter I feel that its not something Id want to view again. I thought the setting, along with the costumes and props were very accurate in picturing life in the 1930’s and 40’s, the houses and neighbour-hood was exactly what you would expect it to be like as well...

Rear Window

It was only until I spent a few days with her, and had conversation with her that I could finally create my own opinion. For years I had an imprinted opinion of her in my head, but as I finally broke through the barrier, my rear window, I could either support or refute my assumption. Right on some accounts and wrong on others, I, like L. B. Jeffries, drew conclusions with a barrier; we both had be...

Marlee Matlin

“I look at these situations not as challenges, but as opportunities to show how proud I am of my rich culture -- deaf culture. Actually, I like the new way of looking at Deaf culture. It's called Deafhood. It's the idea that deafness has a positive value rather than as something that needs to be cured or is challenging. It's all about making noise and standing up for who we are. Being deaf means...

Truman Show

We do accept the reality that we are presented, because, for the most part, we are not aware of the realities beyond ours. Sometimes we must break away from our perceptions to discover more about the ‘tru-man’ within. For instance, drugs alter perceptions and thus alter our reality and create a new reality. Every night when we go to bed, we enter a dream world that is very real to us at the ti...

Japanese Pornographic Animation

Hence, Japanese animated pornography tend to portray female characters as young and non-threatening (high school girls, commonly) while male characters are either comically lustful (young or old voyeurs) or powerfully demonic. Many of the strong male characters in Japanese animated pornography are depicted as demons, making them appear threatening and ultimately powerful over the females. Even if ...

Belonging in Cinema

All of the views from the different individuals are all positive. The extract Home: The Heart of The Matter by Peter Read and the film Strictly Ballroom by Baz Lurhman. Belonging can clearly be seen to be reliant on the theme of perception and becoming aware of belonging depending on the situation. In the two texts both positive and negative aspects of belonging have been demonstrated through the ...

Good vs Evil

There is a relationship where there is right vs. wrong. Good vs. evil and right vs. wrong. We learn about this endless battle through stories, poems, movies, etc. Most importantly, we must treasure the brilliant work from authors like Boyle and O’Connor, which show us some of these scenarios through some of their writing. The same way we recognize the faults and the attributes in these character...

Guillermo Del Toro

He wanted something simple and beautiful that could look evil but at the same time something that was beautiful. For example Pan is beautiful but at the same time he is someone that a child wouldn’t know if it’s trustable. While pale man doesn’t have eyes in his face. He is simple and he puts his eyes in his hands which make him scary and not trustable. We can also see great makeup work in m...

Fight Club

The dialogue between the narrator and Tyler best summarizes this: " Tyler Durden: Did you know that if you mix equal parts of gasoline and frozen orange juice concentrate you can make napalm? Narrator: No, I did not know that; is that true? Tyler Durden: That's right... One could make all kinds of explosives, using simple household items. Narrator: Really...? Tyler Durden: If one were so inclined....

Chocolat by Lasse Hallstrom

The Comte gives Vianne a genuine smile at the Easter celebration, but the voice over narrates, "he took another seven months to ask Caroline out". Vianne herself had accepted that belonging to a community is what satisfies her. The act of Vianne refusing the north wind and finally the action of her opening the window and throwing her mother's ashes into the air symbolised the release of Vianne, th...

Ethnic Notions

However not all stereotypes today are exactly the same as the caricatures from the 20th century but a new modern version. For example instead of black women being depicted as unattractive mammies on television, they are now ghetto loud and un-lady like. Sometimes I even find myself acting out a stereotype, like being loud or cursing in public. After watching Ethnic Notions I feel like stereotypes ...

Judy Garland

Originating from vaudeville style, this singing sensation turned to a great Hollywood star provided much encouragement to many aspiring entertainers and brought so much amusement and inspiration to fans and followers. Judy became a legendary through struggling countless obstacles in terms of emotional, psychological and physical. She still gave total performance in every show inspire of feeling di...

Alpha Kappa Omega Batch '81

The highlights of Mike de Leon film is the scene of fighting between Omega and Sigma Alpha Omicron Kappa Sigma. Extreme violence and bloody murder of the content of the scene but no direct manifestation of horrifying detail. De Leon attributed the Nazi perversion of the city occupied by Germany during World War the legal fraternity violence. In a demonstration of students, adapt the Alpha Kappa Om...

Slumdog Millionare

Conclusively, the film “Slumdog Millionaire” it is arguable that the main character Jamal achieves oneness, inherits good karma through his actions, and truly strives to do good therefore having a positive effect on his dharma. Jamal can even be said to have reached true success according to Vivekananda’s quote. This is true not because he has made it so far in the game show, but rather beca...

Bullet Boy: Social Movie

Both characters then exit the scene. The soundtrack music then ends indicating the climax of action has passed as it cuts to Ricky and Shea laughing on the ice. While this scene clearly ends on a high note for the couple as they embrace each other, the same can’t be said for Wisdom as it cuts back to him finding his car vandalised. Through his choice of editing, camera angles and sound, Dibb mak...

Perfume: The Thriller

The film shows a man who is unaware of the effects of his actions and is somewhat innocent. The strongest parts of the book are the descriptions of the in-depth break down of the various scents and how deep into Grenouille’s mind the reader gets, since spoken language is not Grenouilles strength. The best bits of the film are casting decisions and the superb adaption that captures the soul of th...

Hotel Rwanda: Movie Review

Personally, I commend the people that chose to create this film as a way of reaching out to people all over the world. This should serve as a wake up call and as a conviction to each of us that our world does not revolve only around ourselves and our loved ones but we should also be affected and thus act upon the problems and adversities that people across the world are experiencing. Let us prove ...

The Pianist Directed by Roman Polanski

I wouldn’t recommend this film to everyone as I don’t believe it’s the kind of film that would appeal to everyone’s taste. It is however, an astonishing film that doesn’t judge or try to explain anything, but instead is more a reflection of historical events of one man’s fate. Despite being very hard to watch most of the time, it is an incredibly uplifting film that left me feeling sic...

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

While she appears to have a place in society, other contextual differences not evident in the film, cause her to feel separated; however Sean’s perception of belonging creates an image of her feeling connected with her social surroundings. Through the exploration of different components within the concept of belonging such as difference, connection, displacement and acceptance, “The Fast and t...

Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps (1935)

Beginning with a literary work as his inspiration, he transformed it significantly by working loosely with a group of collaborators who supplied ideas that helped him reshape the story into a film that reflected his own favorite themes and sensibilities. He inserted his own themes into the story, particularly the romantic/sexual subplots, and used his somewhat harsh style of shaping actors’ perf...

Tim Burton is an auteur

A common and distinctive style that contributes to Tim Burton's Cinematic style is the use of flashbacks, flashbacks are necessary for the audience to understand the plot. for Example In the film Edward Scissorhands, we can see that he is with an old man(presumed father) where he was going to replace Edwards Scissorhands with prosthetic human hands. This creates sympathy for Edward as he could hav...

Orion Pax

Orion Pax (later known as Optimus Prime) was nothing more than a mere scientist back on Cybertron before he was elected to carry the title of Prime, next in line to the position as the leader we all know and love. He wasn't always valorous, selfless, not full of integrity, but alongside his mentor, Alpha Trion, the High Council was able to see his true potential proving that "there is always more ...

Disney on Broadway

After opening night of the show, it became clear that Disney did it once again. The company proved that despite people's expectations of what they would be able to achieve, they delivered classic Disney magic. Brantley goes on to explain that in his opinion, Disney's production of The Lion King was leaps and bounds ahead of its time than Beauty and the Beast. Brantley explains The Lion King's impa...

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