Cinema Rant Essay

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Cinema Rant

Cinemas should be a fun, easy day out, right? Wrong.  Im sure for some people, if their idea of fun is uncomfortable seats, over priced food, drinks and tickets and half an hour worth of adverts, then yes, cinemas are a very enjoyable day out.

So I get to the cinema and go to buy tickets, I and many others were shocked to find how much ticket prices had increased. For a family of four to go to the Vue cinema it would cost £29.40, almost £30 for a film that you could buy on dvd for less than £10 and watch in the comfort of your own home with as many people as you like.

Added to the ridiculous price of tickets, theres also the outrages price of food and drinks. Yes, i know that these are delightful buckets of freshly popped corn with such beautiful aromas and tastes that make your nostrils and taste buds dance with delight and… Oh wait its the same (if not worse) than the popcorn you get in any average supermarket, the only difference is that in the cinema, it can cost up to £4 for a small bucket where as in supermarkets a packet of ‘Butterkist popcorn’ can cost as little as £1! The cinemas do make most of there money from food and drink which is absurd considering we come to cinemas to watch films, not to eat stale, salty snacks or overpriced, melted chocolate.

Another point is that once you get into the cinema, you are greeted with the sight of scratchy, small seats that seem to be teasing you, saying ‘oh aren’t you happy you decided to get these seats instead of paying an extra fiver for the big, comfortable, leather vip seats; enjoy the movie, if you can concentrate that is whilst you have a constant itch on your back’. In addition to the miniature seats, there are also the very limited arm rests and whilst you were taking your time getting into your seat and getting settled, the two people either side of you have decided to take advantage of you not being there and taken up both arm rests- leaving you even more cramped then you were before. You would think by the amount of money they must get from food and drink, then can use some of it to make it a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

So then after half an hour of awkward shuffling in your seat trying to get comfortable the film finally starts. Yes thats right HALF AN HOUR of adverts! So after the tedious adverts we’ve all seen a million times before we get down to watching a very mediocre film that we feel like we’ve seen before. Now don’t you think that whole experience would have been a lot more pleasant in your own home?

So please cinema owners, take note of this rant and use some of that money your getting from your overpriced food, drinks and tickets and don’t waste it on your flash cars or big houses, spend it wisely on making our cinema experience a lot more pleasurable and then maybe we would come back again and then you can get your flash cars and big houses.

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