Cigarettes illegal Essay

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Cigarettes illegal

Cigarette smoking has been shown to cause lung cancer, costs a lot of money, and produces second-hand smoking, polluting the air. Cigarette smoking should be illegal, because it can cause lung cancer. Lung cancer is very dangerous. Many people have died from cigarettes because of lung cancer. Cigarettes have more than 7,000 chemicals in one puff of smoke. 69 of those chemicals cause cancer.

Smoking cigarettes hurt almost every organ in the body, and you don’t have that good of health. Millions of Americans have very big health problems caused by smoking. Smoking is very addictive, because it has 13.7 milligrams of nicotine in one cigarette. Nicotine is a very addictive substance. That is why it is really hard for most people to quit. 440,000 people die in one year of just smoking cigarettes. So that’s why it should be illegal so people stop dying.

Also smoking cigarettes cost a lot of money, not just to us but the government. Think about it, if cigarettes were illegal there would be more money for the government and to us. We could use the money we did spend on cigarettes for bills or groceries, or even taxes. Cigarette industries spend 3.7 billion dollars on making the cigarettes. If you smoke you would have spent at least 9,900 dollars in 5 years for cigarette smoking. And in 10 years its 19,800 dollars, 20 years its is 69,000 dollars. If cigarettes were illegal people would not be spending that much in that many years. They could have bought a brand new car with the money the spent on cigarettes.

Another big reason why I think cigarettes should be illegal is second-hand smoking. Second hand smoking is when someone is smoking and their smoke from the cigarettes get in non-smokers lungs. Second hand smoke can cause lung cancer and heart disease. Second hand smoke in public areas should be illegal because people that haven’t even smoked in their life they get cancer and could die. Also can cause babies to die too. They can get SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) people get cancer and die from second hand smoking. Even in public areas. That’s why cigarettes should be illegal.

So cigarettes should be illegal because of the health issues, causing cancer. Also the money cost, people could buy new cars if they did not smoke from
all the money they are using. Last but not least, second hand smoking, it causes people that did not smoke in their life die from cancer that was from the smoke in cigarettes. And also hurts the babies too. So that’s why cigarettes should be illegal.

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