Cigarette filter as glue

A. Background of the Study

This experiment aims to develop a product that would serve as an alternative for some expensive commercial glue. There are many people-using cigarette and after using they just toss aside a cigarette while walking not thinking that it can be recycle and used. Commercial glue is relatively expensive because the materials used in manufacturing are tissues from animals.

B. Problem:

This study aims to test the feasibility of using cigarette filter as a source of glue.

C. Hypothesis:

Alternative- hypothesis:

Cigarette filter is a good source in producing glue.

Null- Hypothesis:

Cigarette filter is not a good source in producing glue.

D. Significance:

Glue is very common used in homes, schools and offices. Many people just toss aside a cigarette filter and it can be recycled and used. Due to the expensiveness and unaffordable of some glue, many would prefer making home made glue. Glues from cigarette filter is affordable and easy to make.

E. Scope and Limitation:

This study only limited by their stickiness.

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There are many kinds of glues, they are stick glues, paper glues, glitter glues and etc. This glue differ according to its quality. This glue that we made can’t be used as stick glue because the glue that we made is liquid. This study is limited only for paper, cloth and wood. F. Definition of Terms:

Cigarette filter- is a foam-like found at the end of the cigarette.


  • is a liquid solvent for certain oils, etc.
  • a co9lorless, extremely flammable liquid, used as a solvent.
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  • a poisonous liquid in tobacco
  • a poisonous alkaloid, derived from the tobacco plant used in medicine and as an insecticide.

Cellulose – an amorphous polymer, the main constituent of all plant tissues and fibers, used in the manufacture of paper, textiles and explosives.


  • Gather all the materials
  • Removed the cover that attached in the filter
  • Wash the filters by water
  • Dried the filters under the heat of the Sun
  • Cut the filters into tiny pieces
  • Put the tiny pieces of filters in a cup or container
  • Put acetone in the filters and lrt it dissoved the sudstance was transfered into a clean bottle
  • Cover and kept in a cool place

Review of Related Literature and Related Studies

Historically, glue only refers to protien colloids prepared from animal tissues. Glue is essentially collogen, a protein derived from the skin, bones and connective tissues of cattle and is an important by product of the meat packing industry. Although ther are many ingredients used to make glue most formulas contain something called polymers which its nature is sticky. Cigarette filter also known as cigarette butts. it contain hazardous chemicals like cadinium, arsenic and lead. It is made for safer smoking. the row materials for the manufacture or cigarette filter is celluluse. it is acetylated, dissolved, and spun as continous synthetic fibers arranged imto a bundle called tow. this tow is opened, plasticized, shaped, and cut to act as a filter.

Result and Discussion

The glue from cigarette filter had undergone a seviral test. It was tested in papers and cloths. to found out what appropriate concentration is effective as glue, at the same time what materials is it best used. The data below shows the effectiveness of glue from cigarrette filter.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Melting process were done to produce glue from cigarette filter using acetone as solvent. It was found out that the glue from cigarette filter has lesser stickyness property than commecial glue. However, the glue from cigarette filter was able to meet the standard properties of glue. It was cocluded thet the use of recycled materials as a sudstitute of commercial glue for paper is feasible



Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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