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Cicero: In Catilinam translation (bilingual version)

quō ūsque tandem
up to what point, finally


abtūēre patientia nostrā?
will you abuse our paitence?

quam diū eitam
how long even

furor iste tuus
(will) that madness of yours

nōs elūdet?
elude us?

quem ad finem
to what end

sēsē efferēnata iactābit audācia?
will (your) unbridled boldness flaunt itself

(has) nothing

nocturnum praesidium Palātī,
(about) the nighttime guard on the Palantine Hill,

nihil urbus vililgae,
nothing about the sleepness of the city

nihil timor populī,
nothing about the fear of the people

nihil concursus
nothing about the assembly

bonōrum omnium,
of all good men

nihil hic ūnītissimus
nothing about this very fortified

habendī senātūs locus,
place for holding the Senate

nihil…ora vultūsque
nothing about the faces and expressions

of these men

moved you?

patēre tua cōnsilia
(that) your plan is exposed

nōn sentis?
do you not sense?

tenēri coniūratiōnem tuam
that your conspiracy is held

constrictam iam
restrained now

horum omnium scientia
by the knowledge of all these men

non vides?
do you not see?

what you did

proxima, quid superiore nocte
last night, what you did the night before

ubi fueris
where you were

quos convocaveris
whom you called together

quid consillii ceperis
what plan you formed

quem nostrum
whom of us

ignorare arbitaris?
do you think is ignorant?

O tempora! O mores!
o the times! o the morals!

Senatus haec intellegit.
the sentae understands these things.

consul videt
the consul sees them

hic tamen vivet
however this man lives

he lives?

immo vera
truly indeed

etiam in senatum venit
he comes into the senate

fit publici consilii particeps
he becomes a participant of public planning

notat et designat
he notes and designates

with his eyes

ad caedem
for murder

unum quemque nostrum
each one of us

nos autem
but we

fortes viri
brave men

we see

satis facere rei publicae
to do enough for the republic

if we should we avoid

istius furorem ac tela
the madness and weapons of that man

ad mortem
to death

te, Catalina,…oportebat
it was right for you, Cataline

duci iussu condulis
to be led by the order of the consul

iam pridem
a long time ago

it was right

in te
against you

in nos machinaris
are devising against us

vir amplissimus
the very distinguished man

an vero
can it truly be

quam tu
which you

conferri pestem
for the plague to be brought

P. Scipio
Publius Scipio

pontifex maximus
the chief preist

as a private citizen

interfecit…Ti. Gracchum
killed Tiberus Gracchum

medicriter labefactanmen
who was moderately weakening

statum rei publicae
the state of the republic


Vastare cupientem
desiring to lay waste

orbem terrae
the world

caede atque incediis
with murder and fires

nos consules perferemus
we consuls put up with

nam illa nimis antiqua
for those things too ancient

I leave out

quod C. Servilius Ahals
that Gaius Servius Ahala

Manu sua
with his own hand

Sp. Maelium…occidit
killed Spurius Maelius

Novis rebus studentum
who was desiring social change

fuit, fuit, quondam
there was, there was once

in haec re publica
in this republic

virtue of character

ut viri fortes…coecerent
that brave man…would restrain

acrioribus suppliciis
with harsher punishments

civem perniciosum
a destructive citizen

quam acerbissimum hostem
than they would the most bitter enemy

we have

senatus consultum
a Senatorial Decree

in te, Catalina,
against you, Cataline

vehemens et grave;
severe and serious;

rei publicae consilium,
the plan of the republic

non deest
is not failing

neque auctoritas
nor the autority

huius ordinis.
of this rank

nos, nos
we, we

dico aperte,
I say openly

consules desumus.
we consuls are failing

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