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Cicero, Caesar, and the Collapse of the Republic

What was Cicero’s full name?
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Whan did Cicero reach the peach of his political power?
63 BC

Who was Cicero’s main opponent in the election of 63 BC?
Lucius Sergius Catilina

What did Catiline plot to do?
assasinate Cicero to over throw gov’t and seize power

How did Cicero deal with Catiline?
he drove Catiline out of the city, publicized the details of plot, and saw the execution of a group of co-conspirators

Where and when did Cataline die?
62 BC at Etruia

Concordia ordinum
“concord of orders”, the joining of senators and equestarians to work in support of the republican constitution

What two things did Popey do in 62 BC?
returned from his political campaigns in East and disbanded his army

a three man political alliance with Caesar

With whom did Pompey join a factio?
Caesar and Crassus

What was this factio referred to as?
First Trimumvirate

Caesar from First Trimumvirate got:
passage of the veteran’s land bill,

Pompey from First Trimumvirate got:
5 year turn as gov

Crassus from First Trimumvirate got:
financial concessions for weathy equestarians who backed him

What had Caesar accomplished by 50 BC?
Transalpine under Leigons, annexed new province to RE, crossed English Channel

Juli & effect on factio
Caesar’s daughter and Pompey’s wife–drove factio apart

What happened to Crassus in 53 BC?
killed in a battle against Parthian Empire in Syria

What authority did the senate give to Pompey in 52 BC?
to quell the rioting in Rome with force and elected him sole consul

Senatus consultum ultimum
enabled Pompey to direct Caesar to disband his army

Caesar’s response to Senatus consultum ultimum
led his leigons across the Rubicon River and began an advance towards rome

What did Pompey do when Caesar was approaching Rome?
Fled to Greece with his allies and wanted to recruit a new army

What was the result of Pompey’s decision for Caesar and Rome?
Caesar became the master of Rome

What did Caesar begin building
a fleet to go after Pompey

What did Caesar do in Spain?
subdued Pompey’s army to remove the threat of being surrounded

What happened at Pharsaulus? What eventually happened to Pompey? Where?
Caesar’s legions routed Pompey’s larger army. Pompey managed to escape, but was murdered by agents of Ptolemy

What did Caesar become in 47 BC?

Where did Caesar “finalize his victory as head of the Roman state?”

When did Caesar say “veni, vidi, vici”
after he defeated Pharnaces, “I came, I saw, I conquered”

How did Caesar celebrate victories?

What title did Caesar accept in 44 BC?
Dictator for life..”dictator perpetus”

Three reforms under Caesar
1. expanded citizenship 2. expanded the Forum 3. Built the Basilica Julia

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