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Cicero and common good

What are the 4 constructional agencies and their counterparts
Wise men-reason, men of less understanding-experience, most ignorant-necessity, beasts-nature

Why do animals have no law
They dont have reason and the natural law refers to humans

What 4 examples does cicero give of an irresponsible government
Tyranny, slavery, war, mass murder

What is the rationale for legitimately resisting the government
When government is justified as a means of protecting people from aggressers

What was ciceros political philosophy
Improvement in the roman republic

Characterize pericles’ view of democracy using five points of support
Power comes in the hands of a whole, everyone is equal, participation is for the well being, the whole nation is responsible for public affairs, and the actul ability of the man counts

Describe how the common good is achieved in the four major belief systems
Derives from a foundation of moral and ethical beliefs

What was platos ideal form of government?
Aristocracy where the smartest rule

What does demagogue mean and how does plato use it
Leader who makes false claims to gain power and plato used it to prove his point against democracy

What did plato think democracy would lead to
Demagogues, potential dictators, and tyranny

What for can we credit pericles
Conclude that unity is the basis for the common good

What is aristotles ideal government

What are the best and worst forms of government
Best-monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy
Worst-tyranny, oligarchy, and democracy

What does aristotle have against democracy
The poor would use it to seeve their needs that involve heavy taxation and exploitation among the rich

Who has opposite democratic principles and what are his views
Plato believed that too much unity would cause a nations destruction and tyranny rises in democracy

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