Chrysler Essay Topics

Case Study: Chrysler-Fiat Partnership

When America’s economical crisis reached its apex, domestic car manufacturers were at the forefront of struggling industries, and Chrysler was one of the hardest hit (Car and Driver, 2008). In 2008 the automotive giant, along with fellow industry stalwart General Motors, received a $17.4-billion reprieve from the American Government to keep from closing its doors… View Article

Dodge vs. Ford Comparison essay

With the turning of the economy people seem to be buying new vehicles. In a few years I’ll probably be needing a new truck. My father and I have both owned Dodge trucks. However when searching for a new truck I thought I would compare the other models that Ford makes against Dodge. When researching… View Article

Merger and acquisition

A little more than two years ago, the White House’s auto industry task force concluded flatly that Chrysler was “not viable as a stand-alone company.” That may have been an understatement. America’s third-largest automaker was too dependent on gas-guzzling trucks and S.U.V.’s, too concentrated in recession-wracked North America, too small to compete globally and too… View Article

Ceo Fiat & Chrysler Analysis

Sergio Marchionne is well known for taking over struggling car companies and turning them around. His most recent endeavor was becoming the CEO of Fiat and Chrysler. His business idol, Steve Jobs, who much like himself, took a struggling computer company and turned it into a company that continues to change the way we live… View Article