Chronic Pain and their Misfortunes

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One of the fastest growing concerns of American people is how to address the chronic pain issue that is spreading like an epidemic. Today most of the Americans consult a doctor and put million of dollars in their pockets just to get rid of these chronic pains.
According to recent statistics more than 70% million Americans, including 28% and 26% women face chronic pain and their misfortune is that it’s not the common pain that goes away in hours or in days but it stays within their bodies for months, days or even decades.

In a recent survey more than 8o% people shared their experience that chronic pain effects their participating in any social activity while another 50% million are either completely disabled or their participation is quite limited. According to the report, every year for over 4.5 million Americans grave becomes the only place to get relief from the pain.
Chronic pain not only hinders your daily activities but it also becomes the root cause of depression, frustration, anger, irritability, and constant anxiety.

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People having pain cannot enjoy smooth sleeping that causes negative behavior in their personalities that consequently affects their financial status, relationships and even it weakens their memory. These all negative effects become associated with chronic pain and ultimately affect their self-esteem.
Moreover it’s also difficult for patients to sleep for a long spell of time and their frequent wakeup calls during night also make them frustrated, upset, and even irrational.
There is a close correlation between sleep and depression and some areas of human brain that handle pain are smart enough to use same mood handling neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and serotonin.

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That’s why 30% of chronic pain victims also face resultant depression and ? of people suffering from depression also face pain. It is well known fact that when a person suffering from pain also suffers from depression, pain becomes more severe than before.

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Chronic Pain and their Misfortunes

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