Chronic Disease Risk Assessment Essay

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Chronic Disease Risk Assessment

When I did the assessment for chronic diseases I chose to do one for Diabetes because I am considered obese with a BMI of 39. 9 so with this certain risk factor of obesity I run the risk of developing diabetes, the assessment states “Compared to a typical woman my age, my risk of developing diabetes is above average” that is very scary because I know that diabetes can be dangerous and cause many other health problems, also it runs in my family, my father developed diabetes because of his weight, and now he does not have any working kidneys and has to do dialysis 4 days a week and requires a transplant, so my chances are high up there.

There are a number of different types of diabetes, you have; Type 2, Type 1, Gestational diabetes, Pre-diabetes, lada, mody, Diabetes Insipidus, out of all these types there are some types of diabetes more prevalent than others, the most common type is Type Two, and this type can causes damage to both large and small arteries. This artery damage can result in medical problems, both common and serious; Heart attack, stroke, amputations, kidney failure, and blindness.

Type Two can also cause damage to your nerves, you have a percentage of 60% to 70% of diabetics that develop diabetic nerve damage, with that you can result in the following health problems; Peripheral neuropathy, stomach and bowel problems, dizziness when standing, sexual-function problems, and localized nerve failures. With all of these health problems and potential complications you can significantly shorten the life of a person with type 2 diabetes. They all have the ability to diminish the quality of life.

You can avoid these problems and even prevent them through diet and exercise, use of medication, and careful control of your blood sugar levels. With diabetes the best way of avoiding the risk of developing it is to avoid it altogether, you can make sure you talk with your doctor about your risk of getting diabetes and how to avoid it, start screening for early detection, these screening test will help to find diabetes when it is most likely to be treatable.

With the screening test it will uncover the pre-diabetic state before your blood sugar rises. If you are considered over weight you should talk with your doctor about doing a screening test so that you catch it on time and are able to take care of it before it may cause any major problems. You can change your life style by getting more exercise and keeping more hysically fit, change your diet by replacing any unhealthy foods with more organic and nutritional foods, with the right amount of proper food and exercise you can take your own personal stand against diabetes, if you take the necessary steps to lose the weight you will lower your chances of developing diabetes, and extend your life expectancy, and you will not have to worry about developing any other health problems that diabetes may cause, diabetes is like a domino effect, once you have diabetes you can develop other health problems and all of them will have a negative effect on your life, making sure you lead a positive, and healthy life style will lower your chances of developing diabetes or any other chronic disease that may reduce your longevity of life.

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