Christopher Columbus Essay

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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus wrote a letter to the king and queen of Spain around 1494. He gave the king a queen a description of what was going on and what he had found. He wrote this letter stating that there was riches and many land for colonies. He was telling them what they can do with this land that he had found. Take it, build a government, and he wanted more ships for his up coming voyages. The question is this document relevant to his voyages, yes, indeed they do. He wrote to the king and queen what they can do in this land that he had found. He was already planing there government, and how they were going to rule the land.

He explained how they should have churches and start converting the indians. When the gold rush comes they should have the people who are getting the gold must have a license to retrieve some gold. He talks about governors and how there should be one on every island that he had discovered and how they were going to be in charge. He wanted to start these settlements and let them grow and then that would make Spain the greatest empire in the world because they would have the biggest land mass. He did do the mission for Spain but more for himself and it was his job to do this kind of adventuring.

He wanted to make history and this document shows what he had discovered and his proposal to the king and queen of what he thought the colonies should be run and so on. This absolutely has to be apart of a the voyage with Christopher Columbus because it tells a little bit of what he saw, what he knows and what his plans were. He tells about all these riches and gold and how they can make the colonies work and survive and build communities. It gives an idea of what he thought and what he had believed should have happened, which for the most part did happen.

He was a very bright man I assume by this letter to the king and queen and he explained his plans very well and the king and queen should have been pleased of Christopher for making all of that happen. With out this it would be like missing a piece of a puzzle. Questions with out full knowledge of what was going on. Christopher started his journey around 1492, I think, and it took him a couple years to discover this land mass and he was eventually a hero to Spain. Without Christopher discovery of the Americas people would have come and settled in the Americas later than they did and he wouldn’t be famous.

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