Christianity and Time Period

Christianity had a big impact on Europe culturally, economically, and politically through the 600 to 1750 C. E. time period. Christianity during these time periods had great many changes but also had a variety of continuities that were alike as well. The Christian faith through this time period in Europe went through multiple reforms. Reforms such as the Protestant Reformation, led by Martin Luther, had a severe impact on the Catholic Church and Christians everywhere in Europe.

Also the change of the political power of the papacy and the effect it also had on Europe’s economy.

Culturally Christianity had a big impact on Europe, seeing as almost everyone in that region considered themselves Christians. Christianity during the 600’s was on the rise and this caused various different forms of ideas of what people thought Christianity was. Most Christians in the 600’s to the 1500’s were Catholics and the Catholic Church had clear power in Europe politically and economically.

Of course, this all started to change around 1517 when Martin Luther published “The Ninety-Five Thesis” that got people thinking about the downfalls of the church and the reasons to join the Protestant Church during this time period which effected European culture in such a short period of time because of one man’s attempt to overthrow the Catholic Church in Europe in the 1500’s.

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This split between the Christians led to European Wars of Religion in the 1600’s that eventually ended and came to peace with the “Peace of Westphalia”.

Despite the ending of the wars Europe’s Church was still split in two and caused many changes in Europe culturally.

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Although there were a great many changes in Europe’s culture there was also a continuity that kept these three time periods alike. This continuity was the fact that despite all of these obstacles that the Catholic Church and the Christians face over the 600 to 1750 time period they still kept going and stayed intact because of the love of culture and religion in Europe during this time period. Economically Christianity affected Europe in a variety a different ways.

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