Christianity and mathematics Essay

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Christianity and mathematics

This paper deals with interrelation between Christianity and mathematics. It has been observed that God is the creator of this universe and He is also the creator of our various mathematical formulae and deductions. Like Universe and God, they are also eternal and cannot be ever destroyed. The paper has also described how Christianity has described the relation between God and our numeric system, which is the basic foundation of Mathematics. Christianity and mathematics 3 Link between Christianity and mathematics – philosophical aspect

Let us consider the formulae for earth’s mass distribution, orbital path of celestial bodies and population fluctuation. They are simple mathematical formulae that describe the creation of this universe and humanity. According to Christianity, who is the creator of this Earth? It is none than the God himself. Jonathan Zderad (2003) has stated in the article written in the website http://www. acmsonline. org/Zderad-creationism. pdf that universe, that is the creation of God is hardwired by the laws of mathematics.

If one have a look at the theorems of mathematics, it seemed that they were true before time began and will continue to be true after time lapses. Jonathan has mentioned this in his article in the above mentioned website. Mathematics exists beyond human thought and logic. Christianity believes that only God can create such things which are eternal and divine. Jonathan (2003) has mentioned in his article that mathematics existed beyond time and space. According to Christianity, only God, the supreme power behind this human existence can exist beyond time and space.

It is very much clear from the Biblical records that god gives value to numbers. To quote from the above mentioned website, “For Christians, God’s counting is what gives the believer a place in heaven. Jesus compared himself to a shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine sheep to rescue one sheep that is lost. He values each and every one of us. ” (p. 6). Jonathan Zderad (2003). The Holy Bible has drawn many references from the numeric system of mathematics. How Christianity is linked to basic numeric system of mathematics

Jonathan (2003) has also described in the above mentioned article how Christianity is Christianity and mathematics 4 related to our numeric system. The author has described that while the Number represents unity, number 2 is the symbol of fellowship and number 3 representing the community. The author states that these numbers represent spiritual qualities. The author has stated in the article that Bible has enough indications that it is God who has created the series of integers, rational and irrational numbers and real numbers.

Jonathan has argued in the article that Bible has strong reference to the concept of counting. Numbers were generally used to describe dimension while building a place of worship. How Creation of God is linked with creation of mathematics The author has also suggested in the above article that there is a clear view of Christian view of Mathematics, which is described as creationism. Creationism has got four aspects. The first one is continuity. God makes his own creation in such a way that it is continuous.

The second aspect is activity. The author has stated that he has created all these mathematical entities out of his own mental divine activities. The third one has been described as the abstract object inclusive. To quote, “As a general rule, theists would include mental objects and spiritual objects in the list of God’s invisible creation. Creationism also includes abstract objects like propositions, relations, and universals in this list of God’s invisible creation”.

(p7). Jonathan Zderad (2003). The fourth one is that it is mathematically inclusive. It believes that Mathematical objects are created by God and they have an eternal quality, which can only proceed from the mind of God. Christianity and mathematics 5 Reference Zderad, Jonathan. (2003) Creationism – A Viable Philosophy of Mathematics. www. acms. org. Retrieved on 15th December, 2008, from http://www. acmsonline. org/Zderad-creationism. pdf

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