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Christianity and Islam Religions


It is a religion that is ranked first in the world which is based upon Jesus Christ (Messiah) and his teachings that they follow. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and that He is the father of Christianity. Christian’s warship God by going to holy place called church.


It is a religion that is ranked second and it is the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam comes from the root word Salam which means ‘peace’ acquired by submitting your will to Almighty God.

It is the teachings of Mohammed (PBUH) which is called Sunnah and Muslims follow it and Allah (God) is the one and only. Muslims warship Allah (SWT) in a holy place called Masjid (Mosque). Similarities: Both the religions believe in prophets and there is an Almighty God.

Both the religions believe that there is an afterlife. Both the religions believe that Satan is the Devil. Both religions have specific days to fast Ramadan for Muslims and Lunar for Christians.

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Differences: Both religions have different places to warship almighty God Church for Christians and Mosque for Muslims.

In Church both man and women both pray together whereas in the mosques they pray apart from each other. Main warship day of almighty God for Muslims is on Friday where it is called Jummah prayer whereas for Christians it is on Sunday. For Muslims they follow the Islamic Lunar (Hijri) calendar whereas Christians they follow Georgian calendars. Muslims have 2 holidays a year and they are named as Eid Al-Adha and Eid Al-Fitr.

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Christians have many important holiday but major ones are Christmas, Lent and Easter.

Extremism also known as hatred or intolerance is a concept where an individual or group of people who violate the moral accepted moral standards. Those who are an extremist don’t accept the point of view of other people and tries to imply new ideology through violent means or by force. This is opposite of moderations which means being straight or being fair. Extremism is not a particular religion or culture. Islam asks us to be fair and it is opposite of extremism which many people have wrong point of view about Islam.

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) describes those who do extremism (extremist) as they have irrational thinking and lack wisdom; they will fight in the name of Allah but has nothing to do with Allah. And below are some point that minimize extremism or get rid of it: Since youth are the main attraction to Extremism it is better to spread awareness among them. Most important is the media who have in depth detailed about the problem and should focus on both sides of it. Spreading word that Islam is completely the opposite meaning of extremism People should have a clear understanding to the meaning of Islam.

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