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Christianity and Islam: Major Religions

Christianity and Islam are both major religions all around the world. Their influence in society with their scriptures, beliefs, and traditions reveal many differences and similarities amongst them. One topic that sticks out in both religions are the things said about original sin. Original sin is very controversial in these two religions whether one thinks humans are born sinful and the other believes humans are born clean from sin. Christianity believes that the original sin originated from the sin of Adam.

they also believe that all humans are born with the original sin. On the other hand, islam believes that original sin is not really a thing, all humanity is born pure and commit sins later on in their lives.

Christianity is different from Islam when it comes to original sin because Christianity believes that original sin comes from Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden. Adam was the first human God created on earth, then followed Eve as his wife.

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They were living in the Garden of Eden with many fruitful trees. God had prohibited them from eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but unfortunately due to desire provoked from an evil serpent, not only did Eve fall into the wrongdoing from eating the forbidden fruit from the tree but Adam as well. ‘What is in this way contrasted is the fate following the act of disobedience, death and the dominion of death, and the fulfilment of the human destiny, justification and eternal life.

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'(Marshall, 26.) The reason for this is because the first sin came into this world through the first human creation God made which was Adam. For his disobedience, not only eating from the forbidden tree but for not taking care of his household. He let Satan manipulate what was for Adam to watch over, his land and his wife. This sin has created a future for humanity where there will be pain and struggle to follow the path of God but still have faith in being forgiven by God and living with him in eternal life.

Christianity is different from Islam when it comes to original sin because Christianity believes that all humanity is born with original sin. God initially did not make Adam and Eve sinners but instead because of the choices they made they became sinners. After the rebellious acts of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, all humanity inherited this sin. Because Adam and Eve were the first humans created by God, the human race that followed was the offspring of them. An image of them is what we are, according to Christianty. ‘Adam’s sin is introduced because it is both a transgression of an explicit commandment of God, and at the same time the fate in which all humans are included even before the law was given through Moses'(.) ‘Although the formal logic is the analogy between one act and its consequences for many, the difference in con-tent is that Adam’s act is rebellion, a truly autonomous human act, whereas Christ’s obedience is the exercise of God’s will'() The fact that from this notion we are sinners by nature from conception and on, this sets the stage for the rest of christian life in accordance to original sin. Christians believe that nobody in this world is perfect other than God. Christians have to follow certain measures in the church and with oneself to find forgiveness of sins.

Islam is different from Christianity when it comes to original sin because Islam does not believe in original sin but in the fact that all humanity is born pure and later on in life commit wrong doings which are considered sins. Adam’s sin and the whole creation from God is also believed in the religion but without the same consequences. The reason for this is because according to islam teaching, Adam’s sin is not hereditary. Everyone is born pure and muslim and will be accountable for their own sins with God.’Related to this is the concept of Fitra, or one’s inmate submitting nature. According to Muslim tradition, all humans are born with a fitra, and it is what predisposes then toward islam. As this concept developed, it cane to be understood that every human is born a Muslim ‘(Hughes, 32)

The deffinition for Fitra in general is the state that all humans are born pure and innocent. That humanity has a special connection and salvation intact with God. The fact that Islamic theology believes in the concept of fitra and that everyone possesses this state of clean and pure start of life sets the view on initial sin that differentiates with christianity.

Ultimately, Christianity and Islam both have different views and beliefs when it comes to original sin and birth of humanity. Christianity strongly believes in the original sin that came from Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden. they believe that all humanity is born with the original sin and has to work up to forgiveness of sins and salvation of the soul with God. On the other hand, Islamic teachings believe that humanity is born sinless and does not believe in the passing on of Adam’s sin. Both these religions have some similar views on topics but the differences seem to be greater.

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