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When we hold on to set of views or facts, we can guard them very close to us a times. These views may have spawned from our youth or from someone very prominent and we have them deep-rooted within. Whichever way, we can be very unwilling to change our minds even when we are challenged with facts because in most cases our views became a part of our identity. What if these teachings were wrong or misinformed, being willing to change our opinions and views of our beliefs can be difficult and can hit out ego but it takes maturity to do so.

Feeling wrong about something you have believed for years can really be a disappointment, and it can put you at a strange crossroad. We can either adjust our opinion based on this new knowledge or we can stay in denial that this information even exists. Either way, how you approach and disagree is what truly matters.

According to Entwistle (2015) of those that find something disagreeable, can often find things within that disagreement that something can be learned from and appreciated.

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If I can be honest, either view can I relate or appreciate from. Although I am a Christian, the study of the Christian combatant view is difficult to connect with because their views are just too severe. I believe in staying true to God’s Word but completely rejecting Psychology, I disagree with completely.

One of the biggest traits of a solid Faith leader or a Christian counselor is the ability to grow on their walk with Christ as well as reflecting more like Christ in the meantime.

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Their call includes being able to help guide their flock. Their views and the way they preach and teach the Word of God helps shape the lay members life and walk as well. The enemies model is what happens when people are unwilling to reach across the lane and live in a bubble and believing that every other view is wrong. How can Christians grow, in an ever-changing world, with blinders on and miss out on what is truly for them and helping others.

This essay was really thought provoking and challenging because I am completely open to both perspectives and I believe that both models can benefit from each other. Even today the enemies model still exist and it handicaps so many people and the stubbornness cause so much to happen to people who are mentally ill, especially, to not receive the appropriate help they may need. An example is the case in 1980 with the pastors of Gospel Community Church faced when one of their congregants committed suicide and negligence from the church and local doctor could have saved this young man. (Entwistle, 2015). As a Youth leader, I see this daily and it hurts that some Christians love to identify and call out sin and not help with therapy for mental illness. Lives are being lost because of righteous religious people that are not open to external help like therapy. I advocate for Christ as well as medication.

When it is all said and done, both versions of the enemies model need to integrate and bypass stubborn views and focus on the wellbeing of mankind as a whole.

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