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Christian Dior

The House of Dior – A fashion house that over six decades is still going strong. From a humble beginning to a power house of fashion, this house of fashion has begun a “New Look” for their market during the start if it’s business and beyond. With avant-garde designs, Christian Dior has changed women’s fashion in his era. Starting a fashion business is no mean feat. One may need all the preparation and planning in order to be successful and have your creations reach the market. The House of Christian Dior

Christian Dior, a Frenchman, started his career in the 1930’s by selling his sketches to numerous prospective clients. Soon his market was in love with his sketches and designs and that deemed his creations as a “New Look”. With such creations, Christian Dior needed financial support that was when he got Marcel Boussac (a textile manufacture) to back him up to open his own house of fashion. Boussac was able to persuade Christian Dior to have him set up his place along a trendy Paris street, which Boussac was readily able to fund Christian Dior’s endeavours.

With such financial support, Christian Dior began to produce creations that were considered avant-garde at that time and he was able to freely create and design whatever he had come up with without any financial difficulty (Bawa, 2002). Christian Dior knew what he wanted in life and that was to be a part of the arts. He loved to draw and sketch and to create masterpieces. This has made him successful; he knew what he wanted to do. For an aspiring entrepreneur, one must know that before they start their own clothing line or fashion business they need to know that this is what they really want to.

If not, the outcome would be less successful or become a failure (Amed, 2007). Christian Dior had financial support that one can dream of. For an entrepreneur, they need to have financial stability, business partners, and the like to easily start their business. Without this, it would be a tough challenge to get by to launch a business or even try to start one. When it comes to materials, Christian Dior did not have any problems in having a short supply of that. He had his business partner to thank for and this gave him an advantage to turn his creations into reality (Charleston, 2004).

One must take note that during his time it was during the Second World War that textiles were rationed. He took the initiative to have women, not only in Paris, but throughout the whole world to have them feel more feminine. He had that idea and turned it into a reality. Even if his designs and creations were well received by his peers and prospective clients, there were numerous detractors that openly disliked his attitude. They deemed Christian Dior as extravagant due to his designs using fabric up to eighty yards long.

One must see that Christian Dior clearly didn’t have a market due to the hardships that the whole world was currently going through. What he did was he created one. It wasn’t merely being in the right time and at the right place, he saw the need that women wanted during his time, and he began to create the solution to that even at the cost of being deemed extravagant and being boycotted by powerful governments of state. Still he persevered and went on with his plan to change the world fashion market.

With Christian Dior’s untimely death in 1957, the house of Dior was stopped suddenly in their tracks, but Dior did not leave his house open for attack, he had two competent men under him that can drive his fashion house beyond. Yves St. Lauren stepped in and headed the House of Dior into success with his designs. The house of Dior had numerous changes in the artistic development and currently has John Galiano. Starting a fashion business needs the entrepreneur to be at least five or ten steps ahead and having a fresh outlook and flow of ideas that they want to put into their market.

They need to also know the latest trends and fads that the current market has in order to supply what the client wants. Not only having those ideas one must have a very good business plan in order to plan and execute strategies, decisions, and plans of actions when situations arises, especially those that are out of the box scenarios. The bottom line is that one must have passion for what they believe in. They need to believe in what they do is the right thing to do. Without these, starting up a business or even just planning for it would make all attempts useless and unfruitful. References:

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