Christian Essay Topics

Christian Commission

The foregoing discussion showed that during the civil war women served in many capacities. They helped in the war effort even though they only stayed at home by knitting socks and sewing shirts and uniforms; they organized themselves in order to raise funds for the war chest; they acted as medics and field nurses; and… View Article

Christian and Wiccan beliefs

Two miles south of where Mary Anne lived, I encountered Sheila, a 36 year old self-professed astrology and tarot card reader working part-time for a local pharmacy. My initial data revealed that Sheila belonged to the Wiccan Rede principle which is currently considered radical among traditional Wiccan groups. Fortunately, Sheila was at home on her… View Article

Christian worldview

Theologians from different ages attempted to answer this question by pointing to the primacy of the Bible and the laws of the Church as the foremost guide to Christian living. Thomas Aquinas, for example, noted that a Christian worldview is Christocentric from the very beginning. that is, the creation was a manifestation of the Word… View Article

Impact of christianity

Christian dogmas have always been intertwined with philosophy regardless of the fact that most of the time both philosophers and theologians had polar opinions associated with religion and philosophy respectively. The first mentioning of philosophy in the Bible was encountered in the New Testament: See to it that no one makes a prey of you… View Article

War Theory On Iraq

After the invasion on Iraq in 2003, the question that emerged was; is the war on Iraq a just war? Many theories are emerging giving Justification of the War on Iraq. Supporters of the War are tending to accept the US position, according to the United Nations arrangements. Diplomats from both sides are framing their… View Article

Christian capacity

Stevens’ poem Sunday Morning represents the fundamental human struggle over faith. The symbolism in the poem is prevalent in its relation to defining the role of God in a Christian capacity and lack of belief in that God. The start of the poem presents the reader with an image of a woman. Stevens uses an… View Article

Christian Views on Racial Harmony and Religious Freedom

St. Paul taught Christians that other races and religions were equal in the eyes of God. “It is through faith that all of you are God’s sons in union with Christ Jesus. You were baptized into union with Christ, and now you are clothed, so to speak, with the life of Christ himself. So there… View Article

Christian moralists

According to Freud, they are “fulfillments of the oldest, strongest, and most urgent wishes of mankind; the secret of their strength lies in the strength of their wishes” (Pals 72). For him, the only way to test something is by the scientific method (Pals 72). The believers of religion draw their religion from feelings and… View Article

My Christian Way of Life

I would not start this personal essay by saying that I am a devout Christian and that I love helping people or something to that effect. I am a Christian; however, I am not the devout type. I do not regularly attend church gatherings. I do not really engage in community services or avoid vices…. View Article

To invest or not

The modern world provides many dilemmas for Christians and one of these is how to manage all the resources that we are given, including money. An extreme position on this point would be to say that we should all give away our possessions and follow Him in faith, so that the problem of investment decisions… View Article

Christian environment

“Today’s Stock market dropped 5%, unemployment rate reaching 10%, Gross Domestic Products dropped for the sixth month in a row. ” This economic crisis happened in South Korea in 1999. For sure it was a big trouble for those who lost the job they thought will be their permanent job, like a government owned financial… View Article

Faith is believing what you know not

“If Christ were here now, there is one thing he would not be, a Christian” (Berge, par 1). These are the words of Mark Twain as quoted by Berge in an article on Mark Twain’s View On Christianity-Changing Christian Thinking. Looking at the present day religion and in particular Christianity one is left in doubt… View Article

Christian liberty

According to the page, Martin Luther’s argument revolves around two basic proposition of liberty. Which states that: “A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none” (Luther). By this statement he meant that once a person is freed by Jesus Christ, there shouldn’t be any other thing that would have a true… View Article

Christian family

The authors of several books are celebrated for the different artistic works that they produce. In their real lives, not it is everything can however be celebrated. This is because some have undergone a hard time throughout their lives. Some have gone to the extent of committing suicide so as to end the problems in… View Article

Christian Science

Modern day America is home to many Protestant groups, most of which had their foundation largely influenced by 19th century Protestantism in the region. During the period, irresistible dynamism rocked American Protestant groups, coinciding with an epoch in which the American society readily allowed the founding of new churches and religious movements. Amid growing revivalism… View Article

The Last of the Mohicans

Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day Lewis both render excellent performances as Satin and Hawkeye in the movies, ‘Moulin Rouge’ and ‘The Last of the Mohicans’, respectively. However, with the genres being quite different for each of these movies, both performers had to face specific demands in terms of their acting and preparation for their roles… View Article

Jew in a Christian society

Miss Daisy is a 72 year old widow living alone. She is a woman of strong will and values her independence. After having an accident backing out of her garage, her son, Boolie, insists on hiring a driver for her. Daisy resists this wish as she wants to be in control of her own life…. View Article

Christian Ethics in A Complex World

In 2002 the book entitled “Choosing the Good: Christian Ethics in A Complex World” was by Dennis Hollinger was published. It gives an overview of the Christian ethics in today’s complicated world. It is indeed a precious and unique book that assesses the framework and perspective of Christian ethics in relation to social issues. The… View Article

Dream of the Rood & Christian poems

Dream of the Rood is considered to be one of the oldest Christian poems which belongs to the Anglo-Saxon literature. Its authorship is still unknown even today but the text reveals that it is a very old English poem that talks about the personification of a particular tree which was made into a cross where… View Article

Early Christian Music

Singing is an essential part of worship to God. Even the creation itself was accompanied by the singing of morning stars (KJV, Job 38:7). So, music and singing were a vital part of the Israel and in the Old Testament we may find numerous confirmations of this fact. Jesus Himself sang hymns with His disciples… View Article

Early Christian Art

The present state of Christianity is completely different to its past. During the early years of Christianity, Christians were persecuted for their faith. Due to heavy persecution, early Christians had to use some kind of secret communication. This had given way to the birth of Early Christian art. Due to the proximity in the timeline,… View Article

Early Christian Writings

In the beginning of IV century Arius announced that the Father is the only one veritable God, and the Son is His creation. Son was created from nothing, but He has an advantage over the other people, because He was created before time and centuries. Arius teaching is one of the forms of subordination, –… View Article

Christian conceptions

Baldassare Castiglione’s work “The Courtier” has similar conceptions of grace and love when compared to with Christian conceptions. Baldassare Castiliogne characterizes the courtiers of Urbino as omini per virtu singulari” (IV, 2, 446: “men singular in worth”[286]), emphasizing their grace and virtue they were able to exhibit throughout the entire passage. This also reflects the… View Article

The Critique of Reading: Luciferous Theodicy

Ellen White’s interpretation is that the problem of evil in this world rests squarely on the shoulders of Satan. This theodicy implies that Lucfier, being chief of the angels had the unique honor of having absolute clarity of God’s nature which made for a more heinous offense; in which he shamelessly maneuvered and deceived created… View Article

The Gospel according to Matthew

The book of Matthew writes the gospel to emphasize how Jesus fulfills God’s promises from the Old Testament as the true Messiah. Matthew’s account include numerous of saying and of Jesus Christ about living as one of his disciples and as a member of the church, concluding with the command of Jesus to make disciples… View Article

Christian Gospel

This is an inspiring story of how a man of God grew into a man of great influence. Examining his life and ministry from the wise and humble perspective that has made him one of the world’s most beloved and respected leaders, in this memoir, Graham looks back at age 78 on his lifetime of… View Article

Christian religion

A crucifix is not a mere cross, but a representation of Jesus’ body or corpus. Thus, the latin term corpus christi. Whereas, a cross is a geometrical figure consisting of two lines or bars perpendicular to each other, dividing one or two of the lines in half. The crucifix is crucial to the Christians because… View Article

European domination

As the antebellum period began, America was approaching its golden anniversary as an independent political state, but it was not yet a nation. There was considerable disagreement among the residents of its many geographical sections concerning the exact limits of the relationship between the Federal government, the older states, and the individual citizen. In this… View Article

Images of Black Christian Leaders

African and Christian in the names of our denominations denote that we are always concerned for the well-being of economically and politically exploited persons, for gaining or regaining a sense of our own worth, and for determining our own future. We must never invest with institutions that perpetuate racism. Our churches work for the change… View Article